Marie Anne-Josephine Baptiste-Thibodeau (born 6 April, 1949) is a retired French politician, bureaucrat and academician who served as the State Minister of the French Empire from 2002-2007, becoming the first woman to hold that position in French history. Her term is known for, the government's assuaging of the 2002-04 recession, the 2004 heatwave, the infamous 2005 Cabinet reshuffle, massive cuts in welfare subsidies in 2005 and 2007, and breaking the February 2006 air traffic controller strike by firing every member of the air traffic controller union.

While she had initially intended to resign so that her successor could be introduced on Shroud Day 2006, Crown Prince Maurice Napoleon convinced her stay in office despite her unpopularity due to his father's clearly failing health. Baptiste-Thibodeau was the honorary chairwoman of the Imperial Transition Council and stepped down on Shroud Day 2007 having regained some of her popularity. Notably, she was a staunchly conservative influence in the bureaucracy and Cabinet during the transition from Albert II towards Maurice Napoleon I.

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