Maria Wetterstrand

Maria Wetterstrand 2008

Maria (Ingrid Maria) Wetterstrand is a Swedish Liberal politician and the chairman of the United Liberal Party and thus considered leader of the Swedish opposition in the house of commoners.

Wetterstrand was born 2 October 1973 in Eskilstuna, Nyköping County, Sweden. She is raised in Eskilstuna, and joined the Young Liberals 1988. She was chairman of Young Liberals 1996-1999. 1998-2000 she held local political positions for the United Liberal Party in Gothenburg.

Wetterstrand has a masters degree in biology from the university of Gothenburg. She has been member of the house of commoners since 2001, representing Stockholm City. She succeeded Göran Persson as chairman of the United Liberal Party 2006.

She is married to Ville Niinistö, who is also member of the house of commoners for the United Liberal Party. The have a son (born 2004) and a daughter (born 2007).

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