María Villa y Belikov
Flag of Mexico Queen Consort of Mexico
Ali nadia
Full name María Saleem Villa-Belikov
Baptism December 1, 1982
Birthplace Flag of Mexico Mexico City, Mexico
Predecessor none
Successor none
Consort to Nicholas I
Consort to Nicholas I
Royal House House of Villa
Father Alberto Villa
Mother Rania Saleem
Religious beliefs Roman Catholic

María Saleem Villa-Belikov (born August 4, 1980) also known by her short name María Villa is the current Queen Consort of Mexico, and is also an internationally-renowned philanthropist. She is a co-founder of the Mexican organization Un Futuro Brillante, a social organization that creates education opportunities for low-class people in Mexico.

She is also a manager at the National Performing Arts of Mexico.

She is the niece of Leonardo Villa, Mexico's king from 2009-2012. Her father, Alberto Villa was a very wealthy landowner as well as a businessman who owned several offices in Monterrey, Mexico City and Cancun. When Leonardo Villa took power, the entire Villa family became part of the royalty and the ruling classes.

She was addressed as Princess María, an attractive young princess and was courted by many young men.


María Villa was born to Alberto Villa - a wealthy businessman and landowner from Mexico City and Rania Saleem, a Pakistani migrant from the city of Gujrat in the Punjab region, on August 4, 1980 in Mexico City. María's mother converted from Islam to Roman Catholicism upon marrying her father, despite her father being happy and content with her Islamic faith. Her uncle, Leonardo Villa was part of the opposition party known as La Monarquía (literally "The Monarchy"). This political party sought to establish high ties with the Spanish monarchy, much like the way Canada or Australia maintains ties with the British monarchy. 

She was baptized in 1982 in the Mexico City Metropolitan Cathedral, Mexico City's largest cathedral.

She attended the Escuela Nacional Preparatoria in high school, which was Mexico's most prestigious high school in Mexico City. She played for the high school's volleyball team, and became an instrumental part of its alumni.

Rise to Royalty

Princess of Mexico 2008-2012

In 2008, Leonardo Villa overthrew democracy in Mexico and established a monarchy. Leonardo was proclaimed the new King of Mexico. Under VIlla's rule, Mexico experienced some economic progress, with Villa implementing work programs for the poor. María Villa and her family became part of the royal family known as the House of Villa and the Villa dynasty. Leonardo Villa ordered Mexicans to address María as Princess María, and Her Royal Highness. She was courted by many young men to dances and stuff like that. In 2009 however, Villa turned into a ruthless dictator and exploited the weakened United States to invade it. Villa used homeless people to serve in the Mexican Armed Forces, and promised them new lives of wealth if they made it out alive. However, most did not since they were used in the front line. Villa also persecuted Native Mesoamericans, and vehemently chased native Mesoamerican men who tried to court María. María's father was distressed at his brother's actions, but did not want to strain relations or the have the possibility of being killed, especially for his daughter. The Second Mexican-American War ended in 2012 with the Russian invasion of Mexico led by Nikolay Belikov, who would later become Mexico's new King and unknowingly, María's husband. During the Russian invasion, the palace was raided by Russian soldiers. However, Belikov ordered them not to harm the Villa family, and to search only for Leonardo Villa himself.

Queen Consort of Mexico 2012-present

On August 17, 2012, Nikolay Belikov was proclaimed the new King of Mexico, as Nicholas I of Mexico. Belikov allowed the rest of the Villa family to enjoy the previous prestige they had during Leonardo Villa's rule. Belikov became a very down-to earth person, despite his huge wealth - he associated and dwelt among the commoners. He implemented programs that helped Mexico rebuild. Impressed by both Belikov's personality and look, María fell in love with the new King. However, as an avid Roman Catholic, she also wanted him to be Roman Catholic and successfully convinced him to convert to Roman Catholicism. The two were finally wed on September 16, 2012 in Mexico City.