Maria Anna of Austria
Queen Consort of Naples
Spouse Claude I of Naples
Issue Claude, Prince of Taranto

Marie Charlotte of Naples
Anne Therese of Naples
Orlando I
Elisabeth Louise

Full name
Maria Anna Josefa Antonia
House House of Hapsburg (by birth)

House of La Tremoille (by marriage)

Father Rudolph II, Holy Roman Emperor
Mother Constance Sybille of England
Born 4 August 1587
Died 16 September 1621 (aged 34)
Religion Roman Catholicism
Maria Anna of Austria (4 August 1587 - 16 September 1621) was the fourth child, and eldest daughter of Rudolph II, Holy Roman Emperor and Constance Sybille of England. The most headstrong of their daughters, upon hearing that she would be marrying the French Duke of Thouars, she demanded that her father bestow her husband with the Kingdom of Naples to which he had a claim. Her father agreed, and Maria Anna and her attractive, older husband were crowned King and Queen of Naples in 1602.

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