Parthica Margiana
— Imperial Province of The Roman Empire
Timeline: L'Uniona Homanus

OTL equivalent: Turkmenistan
Margiana II
Location of Parthica Margiana
(and largest city)
Merv (Mary)
Latin (Lingua Latina)
  others Parthican (Lingua Particarum)

Turkmen (Lingua Margianae)

  others Roman Polytheism, Angelic Gnosticism
Ethnic group Parthicans
Government Military Dominion
  legislature Governor General

A Short History of Margiana

Margiana, whose name led to the word margin and marginal, was on the edge of the Empire. It faced out into the open areas with little or no organization. Be that as it may, the military was placed chiefly on the borers of the Empire to prevent invasion. With the large hinterland around the main trade routes in the Mediterranean the military was now residing mainly in the edges and Margiana was one of these edges. There were few dangers to the Margianan Military Legions and the Governor General of that province had little to oversee. A Province with few different tribes or religions, few cities, and few people really was not overwhelming.

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