Whilst at Oxford University in 1943 she joined the British Union of National Socialists, largely to help advance her career. However whilst studying her political views became more fanatical. In 1946 she graduated, and began working for BX plastics as a scientific researcher. However her political loyalties overtook her and in 1948 she was able to gain a promotion to the Mengele Institute in Gunzburg, Bavaria as a Chemical Biologist. Whilst there she became one of remarkably few Britons, and one of a handful of women to join both the NSDAP and hold rank in the SS.

In 1953 she returned to Britain, setting up the Oxford branch of the Mengele Institute and chairing it for a further 2 years before transferring to the Ministry of Propaganda. By 1957 she was a senior offical, and a close associate of William Joyce

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