Margaret Thatcher
Margaret Thatcher 295
Leader of the Opposition
In office:

February 11, 1975 - November 1978

Preceded by: Edward Heath
Succeded by: Willie Whitelaw
Shadow Environment Secretary
In office:

March 5, 1974 - February 11, 1975

Preceded by: Unknown
Succeded by: Unknown
Education Secretary
In office:

June 20, 1970 - March 4, 1974

Preceded by: Edward Short
Succeded by: Reginald Prentice

October 13 1925, Grantham, United Kingdom

Died April 8 2013, London, United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Political party: Conservative

Denis Thatcher

Children: Carol, Mark
Alma mater:

Somerville College, Oxford

Occupation: Politician, Chemist, Lawyer

Methodist (1925 - 1951)

Church of England (1951 - 2013)

Margaret Thatcher was a British Conservative politician who served as leader of the opposition (1975 - 1979).

In February 1975 she ousted Edward Heath as leader of the conservative party. As leader she moved party policy sharply to the economic right, endorsing the views of Hayek, Friedman and the Chicago school of free market economics.

Following the electoral defeat she stayed on as leader but was challenged in November 1978 by Michael Heseltine. Thatcher lost the first ballot by a single vote, and declined to contest the second ballot.

Leader of the Opposition

1978 Leadership election

Later Life