Mare Erythraeum Timeline: Earth's Brother
The flag is based on Earth Britain's.

Orange is Mars Rocks, Black is the dark spots, and green is life.

These are Pan-Martian Colors

Capital: Chasma Eos
Largest city: Vogel
Other cities: Chasma Ganges, Lohse, Lunae Planem, Xanthe
Language: Khazec, Syli'mi (official), Drag widely spoken among Olympiods
Blue Lava

~ 28,500,000 inh.

20% Olympiod

79% Desert Dweller

1% Human

Independence: 1182 M.C.
Currency: Tange'ter

Erythraeum is over a 100 earth years old. It split from the Empire of Marineris, and has since then been strong enemies with it. Instead was constant warring with Marineris, (although Wars with them do happen) native Eryths try to out-do Marineris technologically. Since contact with Earth was established about 20 years ago, robotics and huge smokestacks are the norm. Home-made cars are now a second way of transportation. The only U.N.E. (United Nations of Earth, as it was renamed) embassy on Mars, is in Vogel. Although Television is non-existent on Mars, computers are used by Eryth Army. The ethnic division has been source of strife, but since the new king is Half-Olympiod and Half-Desert Dweller, ethnically-related crime is down. A specific religion is something that less than 10% of the population have, though various studies and reports show that 57% believe in a higher being.


Much of Erytheaum's landscape is rocky and hilly, with much of the surface covered in lichen forests and heathland. The main predators are Kyz'ail and Fas, both psuedomammalians that bear a resemblance to canines.


Erythians tend to be socially liberal, but exteremely conservative economically. Most Earth sociologists classify them as conservative libertarians.

The Compound

As opposed to most Earth cultures, Erythian culture revolves not around the home, but the compound. People (usually 6-10 unrelated families) live in these compounds. These families communally raise the children. The families in a compound typically share the same occupation, and live near their place of work.


Erytheaum is completely free market, and, as such, it has many of the largest companies set up there. Their main exports are weapons, communications, and transportation technologies, and, to a lesser extent, vear, a maize-like grain that is the staple of most Martian's diets. However, most labor and meat are imported, as are many raw materials.



Troops: App. 57,000

Mission: To defend and protect Erythian interests on the surface.



Type 7 Standard Projectile Launcher

Type 7B Standard Explosive Support Weapon

Type 7C Standard Support Weapon

Type 7D Standard Compact Weapon

Type 3 Universal Sidearm

Type 15 Close Quarters Weapon System

Type 21 Designated Marksman Special Applications Rifle

Type 13 Multipurpose Cartridge Weapon System

Type 15 Long Range Applications Rifle

Type 16 Heavy Support Weapon


V Type 1: Multipurpose Military Vehicle

V Type 1A: Transport Variant

V type 1B: Anti-Vehicle Variant


Mission: To protect the compounds and lives of Erythian citizens. Functions much as a police force in the underground cities.

Personnel: `18,000

Weapons: See Army

Special Weapons

Type 2 Schrapnel Weapon

Type 19 Explosive Solutions Weapon

Vehicles: None


Mission: To protect the Kingdom, gather intelligence, and carry the war into enemy territory

Pesonnel: 44,000

Weapons: See Army

Special Weapons

Type 22 Selective Applications Weapon

Type 77 Infiltration and Removal Weapons System

Vehicles: See Army


Mission: To protect the waterways of the Kingdom. As the aquifers are underground, the Navy typically functions as an extension of the Subterra.


Erytheaum is a democratic monarchy, but with many features of a technocracy. A "king" or "queen" is elected from the smartest and most intelligent of the populace by the general populace. He serves for life, though he can be voted out every year by a vote-of-no-confidence of 2/3s of the populace. As king or queen, he or she is allowed to choose a spouse from the 100 smartest unmarried people of the opposite gender. When the current ruler dies, their child, a biproduct of two of the greatest minds of the nation, would become ruler. The theory is that the longer this goes on, the smarter the monarchy gets. A dynasty can be voted down by a vote of no confidence; however, this has only happened once.


Ever since the Erythian Confederacy came under the control of Marineris, tensions had been high between the Marinian Olympiods and the native Desert Dwellers. In 1176, the Deserters revolted against the overtaxation of the despotic King Taner, and established their own kingdom, with the king Siq'quy'Qual. Integration between the two races has been a long, ardous process, and the nation has experianced several deadly race riots.

Foreign Relations

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