History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

Cæsar Marcvs Vlpivs Nerva Traianvs
Place of birth: Hispania Terraconensis
Known relatives: son of Lepida and Marcvs Vlpivs Traianvs Maior
Legal status: Citizen of the Roman Empire
Occupation: 7th Cæsar
Ruled: 5 Octobter 852(99)- Sextilus 870(117)

Trajan gained the honorific agnomina Imperiosvs during his campaign in Britannia.

To say Trajan was a super military guy is an understatement, of his 214 months in power he was on campaign for 195 of them. It was not until Julius 870(117) that he finally returned to Rome to celebrate a whopping 17 Triumphs (all jammed together into just 58 days), while at the same time being secretly ill with the plague and dying on the last day. What a party pooper >:|

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