History of Rome-After Ætas ab Brian

List of Cæsars

Cæsar Marcus Sostrata Novius Carico
Place of birth:Dalmatia
Legal status:Citizen of the Roman Empire
Occupation:52nd Cæsar

Born Marcus Sostrata Titus, Novius was an equestrian force commander at the start of Project Hadrian; stationed with the legions invading Scanata from Calusa. In 1782(1029) at the age of 24 he played a large part in the capture of the city Unalacius; his talent for tactical and strategic manoeuvres and the death of general Haralfilus in the field led to his promotion to general the next year. Completing the conquest of Scanata in 1789(1036) The High Command for Project Hadrian tasked him with defending the eastern Racemi Maiorai from Commonwealth counterattacks. When the Novans attempted a large scale incursion in 1792(1038) Novius decisively defeated them and immediately took the opportunity to extend Roman control to the shores of the Mare Gichnibi (Superior) against the High Command's direct orders. The Novan command was sure that Novius was now overextended and led a renewed counter, however against all odds Novius' earthworks, flanks, and traps managed him the retention of the whole coast.

In 1796(1043) the High Command changed its strategy in the Racemi Maiorai region and had generals Maniakes and Venitio in Lacota abandon the drive west and instead work with Novius to fully dislodge the Novans from the Great Lakes. Novius with contempt virtually refused to cooperate with the two other generals, earning him the name 'Superbus', and resulting in Maniakes and Venitios' concentration on the west of the Vassus (Michigan), thinking that eventually Novius' overextended defences would undo him. The Novans thought likewise and so continued their attacks only to be routed continuously by Novius, though he could manage no further land gains. He earned the name 'Novius' in early 1799(1046) after one particularly spectacular rout.

In 1799(1046) peace was made with the Commonwealth and Novius quickly delegated the reconstruction and called for replacement garrisons. He and other generals returned to Europe for Triumphs with a large number of his soldiers and immediately set about winning the hearts of the legions and masses with speeches and gifts. These were what were known as 'old tricks', things that high generals did in Julius' time to take the Cæsarship at the point of a sword if necessary. The office of Cæsar had come a long way from that; highly bureaucratic and regulated, but the Senate was experiencing a growing problem with Novius not playing by the rules to become elected Cæsar, and the military was being swayed by him.

Before the year was over the Senate had Novius sent back to Terranova to be its Procurator; a respectable office but far away from the Senate elections. Novius in Terranova immediately set about eliminating piracy in the Neo Aegaeus, sending back embellished reports of victories for the glory of Rome and in keeping the Commonwealth at bay while asking embarrassing questions about the situation with the Kipchak Cilaf in Bosporos and offering to return and solve the problem.

In 1809(1056) when Alexandros Quinctius stepped down as Cæsar, Novius made a surprise visit to Rome with an intimidating escort of his closest military retainers. He had still done nothing illegal, the Senate was in a bind, the city behind him exalted his arrival as he stepped into the Senate as if they fully expected he was next, and the Senator from Hispania Faros Leos, who was expected by the Senate to be elected, announced that he would be retiring from politics that month.

Novius cheated. He could have caused a civil war. During his reign, which was by no means poor, the Senate passed and reformed numerous laws and policies to reduce the likelihood of another Barrack Emperor rising, and Novius was ok with that. Did he do it just so they'd do this? I don't know >:\

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