Marcos Bagrationi
Μάρκος βαγριατονι
Timeline: Great Empires

Marcos Bagrationi
Portrait of Marcos Bagrationi

Acting Emperor, Head of state of the Roman Empire
8 September 2013 – 28 October

Predecessor Sophia-Theodora (as Empress regnant)
Born 17 January 1979
Imperial Palace, Rome
Full name Marcos Apollo Bagrationi Giordano
Spouse Terra Giordano
House House of Bagrationi
Father Alessandro Giordano
Mother Mia Bagrationi
Issue Ares (born 1995)
Anakin (born 1995)
Nathan (born 1996)
Saturn (born 1997)
Religion Roman Catholicism
 Marcos Bagrationi is the cousin of Empress Sophia-Theodora of the Roman Empire, since her disappearance from 8 September 2013 he has been acting emperor and de facto head of state until she was found and reassumed her position as Empress of the Roman Empire.