Location Israel,Syria,and Lebanon
Result Cease fire
Israel Iran
America Egypt
Commanders and leaders
Udi Adam,Gen Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. Hassan Firuzabadi,Ali Hassan al-Majid,and Col. Gen. Sedki Sobhi
5,676,000 6,300,000
Casualties and losses
1,000,000 to 2,000,000 2,000,000 to 3,00,000
The war began over a small border dispute with the death of 2 Israeli troop and 3 on the Caliphate side. Israel Outraged declare war on the Caliphate, with support from the UN the invasion succeeds for the first few days, how ever it starts to develop into trench warfare.Outraged that a Israeli invasion over a small fire fight the Caliphate declare jihad on Israel and allies with groups like Hamas staring a new round of bombings and missile attacks. Due to the Israeli Invasion a new intifada called the March intifada happen. Iran aren't happy but  joins to Caliphate due to the Israeli invasion. Iran starting new missile strikes on Israeli. Hamas gunmen attack at Israeli check point at the Gaza border killing 5 and kidnapping 1 but losing 6 in combat The Israeli .Air Force defeats the Iranian in the skies, with only minor losses. The Caliphate Shoots down 1 Israel jet capturing now 3 Israel troops.Egypt joins the war attacking Israel from the south and Allie with the Caliphate. America/UN joined helping their Israel brother invading the Caliphate from Lebanon. The invasion would of been a success in the first few weeks before been slowed down from Iran and caliphate troops and weaponry.Seeing the invasion as a harsh attack the Caliphate kill 2 Israeli P.O.W.Caliphate also ask Turkey,Egypt, and Iran to join a Coalition to fight off the "invaders" and take the Holy lands.Egypt and Iran joins the coalition. Iran then bomb Tel ve 150 bombers and 50 fighter planes losing up to 70 bombers and 25 jets.Iran also stared a ground offensive with caliphate troops. The U.S/U.N then invade the Suez Canal and continue invasion of the Caliphate.Israel special forces destroy several SAM sites and driving back Egypt. The caliphate then kill their last Israeli P.O.W on 7 live Israeli major T.V show. Then fire missiles from Gaza and Syria, and start a new intafda kidnapping 5 Israeli ages from 19 to 32. Caliphate also start a new ground attack thought Gaza and part of Jordan that they have control.Iran then stared a new bombing camping losing up to 398 bombers 700 Jet. Caliphat at the same time attack with Iran air cover and human wave attacks into U.N and Israeli land taking a land without mercy.Egypt then attack the next thought the Gaza strip and American ships. Israel Reveals it's nuclear program stoping to war.

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