Charles Louis Marcel Bonaparte (October 23, 1815-June 9, 1866), better known as Marcel Bonaparte, was the third son and child of Napoleon I of France and one of the most influential statesmen of his era. The "Portly Prince," as he was called, was made Prince Steward and later Grand Prince of Moscow and the East, ceding him vast terrain and resources in what was once Russia and Eastern Europe. Marcel was enormously influential reformer in Russia, integrating the impoverished populace and establishing a lasting peace in the region that would be sustained until the early 20th century. Marcel founded the Marcellaise, a university in Moscow meant to bring French thought and culture to the East, encouraged the practice of bilingualism in his provinces and was able to successfully control French nobles in his territory and also began the practice of granting loyal Russians massive land grants that would survive into the 1920's. He is noteworthy as being the only of Napoleon the Great's three sons to not serve as Emperor of France, although his son, Philippe, would succeed his brother, Louis I.

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