मराठा प्रजासत्ताक (Marathi)
मराठा गणराज्यम् (Sanskrit)

Maratha Republic (English)
150px Maratha coat of arms
Maratha Federation (Great Poland)
The Maratha Federation in Asia
Capital Pune (7,607,000 inh.)
Largest City Sawarhar (22,182,000 inh.)
Official Language
-Sanskrit & Marathi.
Hindi and other 13 languages with regional official status.
Government Type
-Federal Republic.
-Pakka Mukherjee.
- Union Established.
-Jarul Spring.
-6 June 1674.
-January 3, 1939.
Area 2,805,208 sq km
Population 1,009,447,000 inh.
GDP Nominal Turkish lira symbol black 19,456 trillion (1st)
GDP PPP 2007 Turkish lira symbol black 21,006 trillion (1st)
HDI 0.885
HDI Rank 36th (high)
Currency Rupee
Demonym Marathi (or ethnic demonym).
Administrative Divisions 19 States, two Republics and one Federal City.
  • Hinduism 80.7%
  • Islam 17.2%
  • Christianity 2.1%
Armed Forces 1.8 million active troops.

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