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Timeline: 1822: Brazil split
MA-Flag Brasão-MA
Flag Coat of Arms

Impavidum Ferient Ruinae (Portuguese)
("Difficulties scare me not")

Anthem "Hino do Maranhão (National Anthem of Maranhão)"
(and largest city)
São Luís
Other cities Oeiras, Santa Teresa, Caxias, Parnaíba, Barreiras
Language Portuguese
Christian (Roman Catholic)
  others Christian (Protestant)
Ethnic Groups
  others Africans, Native Americans, Spanish, French
Demonym Maranhense
Government Presidential Democracy
President Roseana Sarney
Area 933,097 km²
Population 16,499,924 hab.
Independence from Kingdom of Portugal
  declared Oct 9, 1854
  recognized 1855
Currency Coroa Maranhense (MAK)
Time Zone GMT +3
  summer Not adopted
Calling Code +558
Internet TLD .mh
The Republic of Maranhão (in Portuguese: República do Maranhão) is a sovereign state which gained independence from the Kingdom of Portugal in 1854.

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