The Mapuche War(1496-1498) was the conflict following the initial meeting between the Castillians and the Mapuche.  While the two groups initially met on friendly grounds, relations plummeted when a Mapuche scout was shot trying to steal a gem from a Spanish troop.  Upon finding out that the Spanish had been imprisoning and interrogating numerous natives, the Mapuche Nation declared war on the Spanish.

War and Resolution

While the Mapuche won a few skirmishes largely due to intimate knowledge of the terrain and the element of surprise, the war quickly tipped in favor of the Spanish.  They used their guns, horses, and disease to weaken the Mapuche lines and push west.  By the end of 1497, most Mapuche villages of the east had been captured, with Spanish troops approaching the capital, Xoryan.  In 1498, Draven, the leader of the Mapuche War Band, signed the Treaty of Buenos Aires, ending the war.


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