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These are maps found in the A World of Difference universe. There are major differences in the continental system ATL which affects the in-world cartographical situation.

  • The areas on separate tectonic plates (India, Arabia, Caribbean/Central America, etc) are often regarded as separate continents, and the 11-continent model is the most commonly taught and recognized. The eleven continents are as follows:
    • Africa (OTL Africa)
    • Amazonia (South America)
    • America (North America)
    • Antarctica
    • Arabia (Arabian peninsula, Persia, southern Transcaucasia, Anatolia, and Turkestan)
    • Asia (OTL Far East Asia, including Siberia, Oceania, Borneo and the northern Indonesian islands)
    • Atlantia (Central America and the Caribbean)
    • Australasia (OTL country of Australia, OTL northern island of New Zealand, and OTL New Guinea)
    • Europe (OTL Europe, minus Iceland)
    • India (OTL India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, and Tibetan peninsula)
    • Vinland (Greenland, OTL far northern Canadian islands, Iceland)

Continent Maps







A World of Difference Far East 2013



A World of Difference Australasia 2013


A World of Difference Europe 2013



Time Period Maps

2013/Present Day

A World of Difference World Political Map

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