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This is the timeline reproduction of Congress of Vienna (Map Game).

Do not edit this article unless you are or were a member of this Map Game.

If the map game went defunct, then this timeline shall end on that point. Then anybody shall be able to create derivative timelines, about what happens after that.


By 1815, Congress of Vienna (PoD)

Nations emerged 1816 - 1899

  • Greece (1816)
  • Albania (1827)
  • Constantinople (1827)
  • Poland (1827)
  • Yugoslavia (1827)

Nations emerged 1900 - present

Main events


Main article: Wars (Map Game Congress Of Vienna)
  • First Northern War (1816 - 1819)
    • Invasion of St. Petersburg
    • Invasion of Iceland
  • First Balkan War
  • Northern African War
  • Second Northern War

Other events

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