Map Contest 20 (Open): The Wall

Challenge: Walls have been used to divide and defend for thousands of years, from the Great Wall of China, to Hadrian's Wall, to the Berlin Wall. Create a timeline that includes a wall, and a backstory for its purposes.

Time Frame: Two weeks, May 26 - June 9

Wall Around the Willows -Seiga

Wall Around the Willows (Map Contest)

In this timeline, the PoD is that Zheng He manages to discover the New World for China in 1390. China then went on to establish colonies in the discovered lands, followed by Japan twenty years later. By the late 1520s, the Chinese colony of Yuanxian (located in OTL Northern Chile and Argentina) was facing constant raids from the native tribes to the south. Soon, the Great Wall of Yuanxian was built in 1525 to protect the colony from the warlike tribes. Eventually, by the 1800s, the Great Wall had shattered in some parts, and with the few skirmishes still not having ended, China launched an invasion against the rest of the Southern Cone, and annexed it.

Later on in 1914 the Great European War starts off with the assassination of the Archduke of Austria-Hungary. By the end of the war, Austria-Hungary (which stayed intact by the end of the war, unlike OTL) suffered harsh terms instead of Germany. As a result, most of its lands were divided and was limited to OTL Austria and Hungary. Then the Second Great European War followed, and at the end of that war, Austria was split between the Allies and the Comintern. Hungary became independent under full Comintern control, and Austria itself was split. Vienna was split between North (Comintern) and South (Allied), and the whole city was surrounded by East Austria (Comintern). In 1958, the Vienna Wall was built around South Vienna, with the reasons the same as the Berlin Wall in OTL.

In 1990, the Vienna Wall was torn down, and Austria was reunited. The Soviet Union fell apart in 1992, though Belarus and Kazakhstan had referenda to remain with Russia, while the rest of the Soviet Republics went on to declare independence.

By modern day, China and Japan are the superpowers of the World.

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Sekibanki and Seiga Kaku.

Constantinople Wall - Lynx

Constantinople Wall

A World in which the Contantinople wall was able to hold off the invading Ottomans. forcing them to conquer lands east and into Africa.

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