Map Contest 18 (Open): Exile or Death

Challenge: Create a map where one of the world's great powers goes into exile in another country, changing the culture and history of the host country. Exile to colonies is allowed and encouraged.

Time Frame: Two weeks, April 19 - May 3 

The Sealed-Away Government ~ Exiled Place

The Sealed-Away Government ~ Exiled Place (Map Contest)

In this timeline, Napoleonic France managed to conquer a decent portion of Europe, and also establishing puppets in some nations, such as Spain and Portugal. France does not invade Russia, and instead turned their focus to invading Britain. The invasion was successful, and soon the British Family would exile to Canada. With this, France became a major power in Europe, with their only major rivals being Austria and Russia.

With the loss of the British Isles, the exiled British Monarchy begun to distance themselves away from Europe. Relations with the nation below them had remained tense. In the early 1830s, the US tried to take Oregon Country from the British. However, the Brits managed to put up a good fight, and had expelled the Americans out of the area. After the war, a treaty was signed and the British annexed the territory into the Dominion of Canada.

When the US tried to invade Mexico over Texas in the late 1840s, the British decided to enter the war on the Mexican side. This war then lasted for four years, with a British-Mexican victory. Mexico was able to take back Texas, and the US Military had begun to weaken further.

In 1870, Japan went on to purchase Alaska from Russia.

Starting in 1900, the British Empire begun to see an Era of decline. While they remained decently powerful in the Americas, their holdings outside of it were weakening. In 1920, India was among the first British holdings to declare independence. Later followed the African holdings, and in the 1950s, Australia and New Zealand were among the last to cede. Soon afterwards, the British Empire was succeeded by the Kingdom of Canada.

Other European nations that held colonies, such as France and Spain, lost their colonies starting in 1940. Only French Guiana remained as part of France.

By modern day, China, Japan and Canada are the superpowers of the World.

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Rin Kaenbyou and Byakuren Hijiri.

Exiled Iberia - LightningLynx89


As common a timeline as it is, Napoleon's Iberian campaign is much more successful and is able to exile not only the Portuguese royalty to Brazil, but the Spanish royalty to its former colonies, allowing them to unite under one flag.

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