Map Contest 17 (Open): Russian Summer

Challenge: One of Russia's greatest allies is General Winter, who has stalled or completely stopped several invading armies. Create a map where Russia is invaded in the summer instead of the winter, leading to a different outcome of that war.

Time Frame: Two weeks, April 5 - April 19

Solar Sect of Decisive Wisdom -Kogasa

Solar Sect of Decisive Wisdom (Map Contest)

World as of the First Month of 2014.

In this timeline, during the Great Northern War, Charles XII of Sweden decided to invade Russia a year later, in the summer of 1709. The Swedes were able to achieve a major victory, and went on to win the Battle of Poltava. Soon, when the Great Northern War ended in Sweden's favour, Russia did not become a new power, and was weakened. Russia also ended up ceding land to both Sweden and Poland-Lithuania as well.

When the Napoleonic Wars rolled around, Sweden and Poland-Lithuania joined in on the side of France. Russia, wanting revenge, went to declare war against Sweden and Poland-Lithuania. As a result, they ended up getting invaded again, and later suffered a heavy loss. After the war, Russia had ceded land to Persia, Poland-Lithuania, and Sweden. A peace treaty and non-aggression pacts were also signed.

Russia went on to become neutral in European affairs. In 1870, Japan went on to purchase the Alaska colony from Russia. Later, a non-aggression pact was also signed with China and Japan.

Soon in 1914, the Global War broke out which begun with Austria invading Serbia. Sweden, Poland-Lithuania, and the United Kingdom entered the war on the side Serbia while France and Spain sided with Austria. China and Japan joined a year later on the Allied side, aiming to free the French and Spanish colonies in Asia. The war lasted until 1920, with a loss for the Central Powers. As a result, Austria-Hungary lost land to Serbia and Poland-Lithuania, and had to pay reparations, while France and Spain lost most of their colonies. Then, by 1940, decolonisation occurred for the rest of the European nations.

By modern day, China, Japan and Sweden are the superpowers, while Poland-Lithuania is a Great Power. Russia has emerged economically and has became a minor power.

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Rin Kaenbyou and Utsuho Reiuji.

Napoleon Says F' Lord Winter - LightningLynx89

French Success

The World as of 1914

The story is very simple Napoleon decides to lead his Grand Army from France in late February to arrive in Russia during the winter. This event leads to Napoleon's victory and many of puppet nations (light purple) under his control and no one is able to truly match his might. However, with the passing on of his lineage the world is very close to war as the rising powers of the Eastern European nations, the UK, Sicily, and the Scandinavian nations are ready to reclaim those lands back and bring the French into submission.

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