Map Contest 16 (Open): Terra Nova

Challenge: Contestants will create a map of a geographically different Earth. A brief description will be needed to explain the current geopolitical situation. Two great resources for this map are listed below:

Time Frame: Two weeks, March 1 - March 14

Extended to March 21

The Sealed Indian Plate -Kogasa

The Sealed Indian Plate (Map Contest)

In this timeline, the Indian plate does not shift into Asia, and instead becomes located between Southern Africa and Australia. When Buddhism and Hinduism were developed in India later on, the religions had spread to South Eastern Africa and Western Australia and took a few more decades to reach Asia. When they did arrive around Year 200, Taoism and Confucianism had begun to gain hold in Burma, Indochina and Thailand. The four religions soon met in Malaysia and a series of clashes occurred. After some years of fighting, it ended with a large stalemate, and Malaysia became divided between Chinese and Indian influence. In Japan, Taoism and Confucianism went on to interact with local beliefs, much like Buddhism did in OTL. China is also stronger, and the Tang Dynasty, after its establishment in 618, managed to last longer than OTL.

In 1400, Zheng He managed to discover the New World. Soon, China and Japan became the first to establish colonies, followed by Sri Vijaya. Soon, in the early 1500s, a Portuguese ship arrived on the Indian Continent after a storm pushed it off path. They attempted to take Goa, to no avail. Later the Spanish and Dutch arrived, and managed to establish at the very least some trade agreements.

By the mid 1600s, industrialisation took place in China and Japan and India followed twenty years later. Then in the early 1700s, Asian colonies in the New World begun to declare independence.

With high tensions between China and India, as well as their spheres of influence, a huge war broke out in 1850. The South East Asian Front saw heavy fighting, as did Northern Australia. This war ended in 1875 with a slight Chinese victory, and they managed to take West Malaysia and Singapore from India and its allies.

Tensions between the two blocs continued until 1920. After the fall of the Ming Dynasty and the establishment of the Republic of China, Chiang Kai-shek sought for peaceful and friendly relations with India. Starting in the 1930s, some new treaties and trade deals were established between both blocs.

By modern day, China, India, and Japan are the superpowers. Taoism, Confucianism, Buddhism, and Hinduism are the top four religions in the World, followed by Shinto and Zoroastrianism.

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Seiga Kaku and Reimu Hakurei. Undefined Fantastic Object, the twelfth official game of the Touhou series, is different from OTL, and is focused on Confucianism instead of Buddhism.

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