Map Contest 14 (Open): Quetzalcoatl

Challenge: Create a map of the world where the Aztecs survived the European colonization of the New World. Keep in mind that they could be a large, strong empire, or a rump state. Be sure to include a back-story and a map.

Time Frame: Two weeks, February 1 - February 14

They Got Lucky - Imp

Cortes Gets Whacked - LightningLynx89

Cortez Gets Whacked

The Height of Colonialism (1900)

With the death of top expeditionary and chief conquistador Hernan Cortes the Spanish forces lose faith in conquering the dangerous 'New World'. As they see their leader killed in a simple night raid by Aztec warriors they feel as though the 'New World' is a lost cause. With the Spanish losing their interest they focus more closely on politics and incidents in Europe . With time still going the Hapsburg eventually become the dominant monarchy in Spain, Austria, Naples, and the Netherlands. The Hapsburgs eventually climb to power after the Spanish monarchies annex Portugal and exile their royal families to their colony of Brazil. The Austrian and Naples branches eventually make claims and grow to connect their borders into the Italian-Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Netherlands branch is still carrying on colonizing areas of South America and Indonesia, while the Spanish Hapsburgs claim Africa. 

It Starts to Snow, in the Streets of Tenochtitlan -Seiga

It Starts to Snow in the Streets of Tenochtitlan (Map Contest)

In this timeline, the Aztecs managed to defeat the Spanish. As a result, the Spanish ended up colonising all the Caribbean, parts of the OTL Southern Continental US, and a small portion of Central Vinland. However, the Spanish managed to successfully defeat the Incan Empire, and the Viceroyalty of Peru was established. The Aztecs went on to expand farther, and became a Great Power in Vinland.

Meanwhile in Japan, Takeda Shingen, leader of the Takeda Clan, managed to unite Japan and established the Takeda Shogunate. Japan then went on an expansion, going North all the way into Siberia, and established their first colony, called Shōtoku, around OTL Oregon. By the 1630s, the Japanese colony made contact with the Aztecs, and established a trade deal.

In the 1800s, the Spanish colonies had revolted from Spain, and new nations were established. The new nations are as follows: Texas, Gran Colombia, Peru-Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. Later in the 1840s, Gran Colombia declared war on the Aztecs over a land dispute. However, the war ended with a small Aztec victory, and the Colombians ended up ceding parts of Guatemala and Belize. Another war between them happened again in 1878, with Colombia losing the rest of both provinces.

The Aztecs then went on the participate in the First World War on the Allied Side, and sided Peru-Bolivia against Colombia. It was the last war the Aztecs would get involved in, and went to pursue a policy of neutrality. Nevertheless, they remained a Great Power to this day. Meanwhile, the only uperpower in this World is Japan.

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