Map Contest 12 (Open): The End Of The World As We Know It

Challenge: Create a map of the world after a post-apocalyptic scenario. Be sure to include a back-story about how the apocalypse came to be.

Time Frame: Two weeks, January 4 - January 18

Lullaby of a Deserted World -Kogasa

Lullaby of a Deserted World (Map Contest)

In this timeline, the PoD is that Zheng He manages to discover the New World for China in 1400. Following this, China went on to create colonies in the New World, and became expansionist. Later in the 1490s, the Spanish landed on the Caribbean and ran into Chinese settlers. Soon, a small skirmish took place, which led to the victory for China. Spain then began colonising elsewhere, starting in Florida.

By the 1600s, Vinland and Amazonia became mostly colonised by China, followed by Spain, Portugal and the Dutch. Tensions between China and Spain was ever rising and both remained hostile to one another. The Spaniards also had managed to take over the Philippines, giving them a foothold in Asia.

Over the years, the technology had quickly advanced, and two major alliances formed in the late 1870s. One was the Western Pact, which consisted of Spain, Italy, France, Russia, the UK (along with their colonies), and a few other European nations. The other was the Pan-Asia Bloc, which consisted of China (and her colonies), Korea, Thailand, Maratha Empire and Mysore. A Cold War had emerged and in the 1900s, the first nukes were developed in China. In 1925, the Philippines Missile Crisis took place, which soon quickly escalated into a nuclear war by the fifth month, devastating most of the world.

In the aftermath, only a few nations remained mostly intact, most of which were neutral. The main notable neutral nations are Norway-Sweden, Switzerland and Japan, which were not hit. Meanwhile, survivor nations soon appeared throughout the ruined countries. The largest survivor nation that formed was the Reformed Republic of China, which controls portions of Northern China, Mongolia, and a decent portion of Siberia. Other notable survivor nations include Extremadura, Jeju, Florida, New Netherlands, Indiana, Scotland, Khon Kaen, North India, and more.

By the modern day, the former nations still continue to rebuild themselves. A decent amount of places still continue to remain uninhabited, while some others have been reclaimed by nations. The Reformed Republic of China has re-emerged as a major power and is slowly gaining back all of former China, but faces opposition of the other Chinese nations in the area. Spain remains divided, as Extremadura, Andalusia, Catalonia, and Basque Country had formed an alliance and opposes a full reunification of Spain. Africa and Amazonia are prospering and wield a large influence on a world scale. The Ottomans have also rose as a major power. Japan is doing quite well and has emerged as one of the world's largest economies ...

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Rin Kaenbyou and Yamame Kurodani.



I Feel Fine ~ Scraw

That's great, it starts with an earthquake (in Europe in 1936, damaging large areas of Switzerland, Southern Germany, Western France, Eastern Poland and Austria, and Northern Italy).

Birds and snakes, an aeroplane (crashes in New Jersey, starting a chain of aeroplane crashes along the Eastern Seaboard), Lenny Bruce is not afraid (until he and his family get killed by an airplane crash in California).

Eye of a hurricane (settles over Miami and devastates much of Florida), listen to yourself churn.

World serves its own needs (as nations become more and more self dependent with worsening natural disasters), don't mis-serve your own needs (became a popular British propaganda saying during a mass starvation period in late 1939).

Feed it up a knock, speed, grunt, no strength (represented the situation of people during these times).

The ladder starts to clatter with a fear of height, down, height (as skyscrapers begin to become more instable and dangerous due to earthquakes).

Wire in a fire (as electric wires fall down everywhere due to the earthquakes starting fires in big cities), represent the seven games.

And a government for hire (that becomes more and more controlled by rich people due to the frequent disasters) and a combat site (is what the Congress becomes).

Then I gave up. (Right? Right.)



What Once Was -Feud

(Map to come)

In the late 70's and early 80's the Soviet and US biological warfare programs were reaching their height. But on January 14th 1981 the US finished the development of a new viral weapon. However, while in transit to a facility on the East Coast, the transport vehicle was involved in a serious accident en route from the military airport to the facility in Washington. This, however, ended up with the initial spread of the disease which eventually became known as the Red Streak.

The Government, regardless of its large scale attempts at containment, was unsuccessful and the disease spread exponentially. With many government officials only classifying things such as influenza typed issues the EEV-32 disease was kept a secret. The virus, designed to remain dormant for two weeks to maximize spread, reached most corners of the planet. By April 1981 the virus has done its damage killing hundreds of millions and the ensuing nuclear holocaust initiated by many world governments reducing the human population from nearly 4.5 billion to less than 100 million world wide. No area was spared.

By the year 2014 the World had recovered minorly with some areas having progressed to the point of moderate civilizations and innovation again. However, the world would never be the same.



That Crazy Tetraethyl lead - LightningLynx89

That Crazy Diesel

Thomas Midgley Jr's greatest creations would end up almost costing mankind losing their green Earth to the deep blue. With the mass production of Tetraethyl lead across the world, many nations and companies begin buying Midley's gasoline and using it to advance their nations (creating a Diesel Punkish world). With the knowledge and ability to make Midgley's Tetraethyl lead becoming more and more common, companies and many other nations begin crossing the world and grabbing land to create their own without having to go through an American company. The Great Depression had still hit in 1930s, but gasoline companies had begun to excel and prosper, WW2 had still occurred, but the war was much more aggressive.

Scientist had figured out before the outbreak of World War 2 that vehicles that had ran on Tetraethyl lead (which most did at this time) had been pumping lead out into the atmosphere and deteriorating the ozone layers melting the polar ice caps. Though scientists had discovered its effects on humans as that with such high amounts newborns after the 1930s had been born with large amounts of lead that led to symptons of newborns being much more aggressive, even affecting those not born after the 1930s were being affected by not by that much.

With the outbreak of World War 2, mass amounts of Tetraethyl lead had been pumped out accelerating the melting of the polar ice caps leading to rapid sea level increases. Though World War 2 ended with the same result, the worse came when the dubbed 'Age of the Flood' came and from the 1950s-1970s had greatly reshaped the world through expanding oceans and shrinking land masses. Much of Europe, South America and the Southeastern United States had been submerged by the ocean, and with the advent of the sea level rising had brought back old nations (Ottomans and the Austrian-Hungarian Empire) and had split some (such as the USSR and China), and forcing some to exile their governments to colonial holdings (Belgium and Netherlands).

World's ten Biggest Oil Companies

  1. Midgley Exxon (USA)
  2. Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia)
  3. Gazprom (Russian Federation)
  4. National Persian Oil Co. (Persia)
  5. Petro China (Republic of China)
  6. BP (United Kingdom)
  7. Dutch Shell (New Netherlands)
  8. Pemex (Mexico)
  9. Chevron Co. (USA)
  10. Total (France)


  • Definitely my vote. ~Imp


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