Map Contest 11 (Open): Nova Roma

Challenge: Create a timeline that involves a 'New Rome'. Where will this new Rome be, you ask? Maybe in Asia, maybe in the Americas, maybe on the Moon. You decide.

Time Frame: Two weeks, December 11 - December 21

Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not -Kogasa

Tomorrow Will Be Special, Yesterday Was Not (Map Contest)

In this timeline, the Byzantine Empire grew in power and managed to win the Byzantine–Sasanian War of 602–628. Soon, in year 1360, a Byzantine fleet manages to land somewhere in OTL Cuba, and sets up a small colony. However, by the 1400s, the Byzantines were beginning to decline in power, and in 1498, Constantinople was taken by the Ottomans. Soon the Byzantine colony declared independence and declared to be the New Rome. They then went on an expansion and defeated the Aztec and Mayan Empires. However, their expansion was soon cut short once they ran into a huge Chinese colony in Amazonia (Zheng He had discovered the New World in 1395). Conflicts arose and a small war took place, which ended in a victory for China.

In the East, the Ming Dynasty evolved into a more powerful empire and had their own colonial empire. They also expanded their influence throughout East, South East, and South Asia. As a result, the Europeans were unsuccessful in establishing colonies in those areas, except India to an extent. China also became the first nation to industrialise in the mid 1700s. China, along with Japan, becomes more advanced in technology than the rest of the world, while New Rome is the third most advanced.

In modern day, New Rome, China and Japan are superpowers.

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Kanako Yasaka and Satori Komeiji.



Stealing from the Past - LightningLynx89

Map Contest Nova Roma

World circa 2000



With the fall of the Rome Empire, the world would be missing a key power and missing leader to progress the world. Antilla the Hun though he would hate the Rome Empire, he would come to recreate it in the form of his primitive Hun Empire. Antilla would take the ideas from the Roman Empire and would continue from OTL Hungary into OTL Turkey, Poland and East Germany. Along with the Hun's rise, came two powers to rise in the Africa the Carthaginian Empire and the Christian Kingdom of Axum, many of the old Roman scholars and leaders would flee into Carthage to fuse the old Carthage ideas and Roman ideas. Axum would rise with Christianity as its centerfold to help preserve the faith after Rome's fall.

The three superpowers of the world consist of the Hun Empire, with its lead in technology, the Carthaginian Empire leading in Naval superiority, and the Tsardom of Russia leading full force with its Land military. Along with future world powers such as Axum, China, India, and the Aztec.

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