Map Contest 10 (Open): Day of Infamy

Challenge: Create an alternate scenario of World War II. Don't make it cookie-cutter and cliche, be creative and original.

Time Frame: Two weeks, November 25 - December 7 (See what I did there?)


Japan, Past and Present ~ Flower Land -Kogasa

Japan, Past and Present ~ Flower Land (Map Contest)

World as of 2013.

The PoD is that the Japanese does not attack Hawaii at all. With this, the US doesn't enter the war at all, maintaining its isolation. Japan manages to defeat China, and captures Papua Island. The Soviets tried their luck to invade Japan, but ended up getting partially defeated, and Japan went on to take portions of Manchuria. When Japan tried to go farther, they began seeing some defeats. A few days later, Japan decided to end the war and established a peace treaty, ending the war in the Pacific.

Meanwhile in Europe, the Soviets began pushing back the Germans heavily, and the Allies were successful in defeating the Axis in North Africa. Soon, in 1944, Italy was invaded by the Allies. Soon, the Italian Social Republic was set up by the Germans, though it wouldn't last long. A year later, the Allies had managed to commence D-Day, and began to free France. In the Eastern Front, the Soviets had liberated the Balkans, and also was closing in on Berlin.

In Early 1946, the Allies managed to free France and defeated the Italian State while the Soviets managed to take Berlin and portions of Eastern Germany. The War in Europe finally ended with the surrender of the Axis. Soon, Europe became divided into two sides, the Allies and Soviets. Germany and Austria was divided East and West (East Germany also includes Bayern/Bavaria TTL).

The British Empire, Soviet Union, and Japan were the new superpowers, and soon, the Cold War took place. Japan and the UK had established a pact against the Soviets, and also would work together. They faced a few proxy wars here and there, though by the 1970s, the Soviets was declining in power.

By 1985, the Warsaw Pact started to fall apart, with many revolutions taking place. In 1987, Germany was reunited into one, as was Austria. In 1989, the Soviet Union went and made reforms, and managed to stay almost intact. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Ukraine would declare independence, however, and Moldova merges into Romania. The British Empire also reformed into the Imperial Federation.

The United Kingdom/Imperial Federation and Japan remain superpowers, as does Russia.

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Be damn straight I ain't voting for this. ASB level is high.

            Great Seal of the United States (obverse)    SCRAWLAND INVICTUS || REX IMPERATOR   01:49, November 26, 2013 (UTC)


            Great Seal of the United States (obverse)    SCRAWLAND INVICTUS || REX IMPERATOR   04:25, November 26, 2013 (UTC)

Silence Will Fall - Scraw

Silence Will Fall

Silence Will Fall Labelled

"Silence Will Fall", they said.

The major POD here is that the Germans quietly send aid to anti-British groups in Ireland and South Africa. This causes another POD in 1939 when the UK declares war on Germany. Ireland elects to stay neutral, as in OTL, but South Africa diverges from this, as the Union Parliament has quite a few German sympathizers ATL. This causes Canada to also remain neutral, as the Prime Minister wanted OTL.

With the lack of reinforcements coming from South Africa and Canada, the Italians make great advances in Africa and enter a more bloody stalemate with the British inside Egypt's borders. After the Fall of France, the Germans promote a great Irish revolution against the British to prepare for the invasion of Britain.

Meanwhile in North America, Canada's Parliament has a massive rift between pro-war and anti-war members. Cries for war become even greater, and Quebecois also seek to take this opportunity to go for their independence. After the United States enters the war against Japan, the Canadians lose their minds and a war breaks out. The United States then executes War Plan Red. The Canadian Atlantic and Pacific coasts are quickly captured and the drive into Ontario via New York and Michigan leads to the swift occupation of Ottawa. The British are absolutely helpless against this and begin to concentrate everything on defending the main island and the Pacific.

However, panic strikes the heart of Britain just as it did Canada when the Japanese capture Vladivostok, Singapore and the Dutch East Indies. This enables them to launch a great campaign against Australia and New Zealand. They are then forced to begin recalling volunteers from the front in Africa. This leads to the capture of the Suez Canal by the Axis, cutting off Britain from Australia and other places. People then get tired of what they view as an ineffective government and Oswald Mosley quickly takes his place as Prime Minister. He sues for peace with the enemy and ends the Battle of Britain. However, the government slowly becomes increasingly Fascist, leading to the separation of England and Scotland. The Royal Family flees to Australia, where the new major front is.

With the fall of London, the Raj declares independence and peacefully separates into four nations (Pakistan, India, Bengal, Myanmar). Other places, like the Protectorates of Aden and British Somaliland declare independence. The United States is failing miserably in the Pacific and decides to focus on Europe by 1940. However, Mexico decides that since the Axis are doing so well, they might as well join them, and join they do. This leads America to have to fight a war near home, but Canadian reserves are called up to lead the defense. The Mexicans are held at the border and Baja California falls to the Americans.

In 1940, the United States launches an invasion of Ireland via Iceland and pro-Allied Scotland. The Nazi puppet regime is quickly ousted and an Allied government is placed in its stead. Ireland is then used as a launch pad into France, and D-Day becomes a great success. Also, the Soviets invade Iran with the prospect of oil and the threat of Britain gone. This is successful, and the Soviet enter Transcaucasia via Iran and enter Stalingrad, forcing the Germans to retreat to Ukraine. Also, the Soviets emerge the victors of the Winter War and also push the Germans back from Moscow.

With France liberated once more, the Germans are fighting a two-front war again. The Americans and the French attack Italy and its African possessions, while retaking the Suez Canal with the aid of India. This distracts Germany, making way for the Soviets to force the Germans back to the pre-war borders. In the Pacific, the Americans recapture small islands like Midway, Guam, and Wake. From Guam, the United States moves north to Iwo Jima and south to the East Indies, to aid the Australians.

By early 1946, the Allies are occupying Italy and the drive to Berlin is underway. India, the UKANZ, and the United States have freed the Pacific for the most part. The Soviet has invaded China from the west and occupied Uyghuristan, Manchuria and Korea. The war into Japan is also underway, but stalled.

In June, the Soviets capture Berlin. Adolf Hitler and his inner circle are caught and taken prisoner by the Allies. However, Japan is still maintaining a perfect defense, so nuclear weapons are deployed over Fukushima and Yamagata. The Japanese surrender and World War II ends 6 November 1946.

After World War II, several territorial changes are made. Mexico is forced to cede northern territories to the United States. Italian Somaliland is given independence and Ethiopia annexes former British Somaliland. The UKANZ is officially recognized and England, Scotland and Ireland become acknowledged separate countries.

The Permanent Security Council of the UN consists of the US, USSR, UKANZ, France, and ?. Cuba and the Philippines slowly become US states due to the increased threat of war. Japan is divided North (Soviet) and South (American). The dragged-out Spanish Civil War leads to the creation of five different states.

The Cold War proceeds mostly along its OTL course. Europe is much more tense ATL, and the Soviets have puppets across the world. Vietnam ends up as two different states with little foreign intervention. Both sides take a greater interest in the Middle East, South America and Africa. One notable thing that happens is the United States promoting an independent Persian state, which leads the Soviets to create a puppet states out of it. This leads to other ethnic minorities wanting more autonomy, leading to a situation much like that of New Union.

The Space Race is also more heightened ATL. Both sides have Moon bases by present day, and Mars has been reached more than once by both. The threat of war is very much still alive across the world, but leaders swear that "silence will fall".

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