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This is the official page for the Map Contest. The corresponding blog post can be found here.


See: Rules (Map Contest)

General Announcements

Since I have gotten no rebuttals to my adoption, I have received permission from LG to adopt the Map Contest. Yay! ~ Upvoteanthology


April 6th, 2015: The Map Contest will be starting again under new management.

April 9th, 2015: Due to Cour's return to Chat, I have been alerted that he's not gone for good. However, he has given me permission to run the map contest, since he doesn't have the time to.

April 20th, 2015: The next contest will be the Election Map contest, and you may begin preparing maps now if you please. However, the entry section will not go up until next Monday.

April 20th, 2015: Voting has been opened for "One Big Wank".

April 28th, 2015: The Modern Election contest has been opened.

May 11th, 2015: Voting has been opened for "Modern Election". It is at the bottom of the page.

May 11th, 2015: My Favorite Pastime contest has been opened.

May 29th, 2015: The Stuck in Traffic contest has been opened.




If you are going to make a map for the current contest, please write your name in the area below. It will be reset every contest in order to see who is participating. Note: This is not mandatory, but it is encouraged.



Map Contest 32: Principia Moderni III

Challenge: Create a map of the world based on the end map for the recently departed map game, Principia Moderni III, found here. The map should show the world in present day 2015. Anything goes, just be plausible.

Time Frame: Two weeks, November 15 - November 29

Voting Starts November 29, 0:00 UTC

Contest 31: Wank Asia (Thursday, October 8th - Thursday, October 22nd)

  • Wank a SINGLE nation in Asia as much as possible.

I Don't Need Society/Reverse Ideology -Seiga

Reverse Ideology (Map Contest)

Map of the World as of 2014.

In this timeline, the Early Lý dynasty manages to defeat the Sui Dynasty in the Sui–Former Lý War. With this, the Lý dynasty manages to keep its independence. Over time, the Lý dynasty strengthened and expanded, covering most of South East Asia by 950 after a series of wars, and in 1054, the dynasty was succeeded by Đại Việt.

Later in 1075, the Song Dynasty went to war against the Đại Việt, which ended in a huge disaster for China. The Vietnamese were able to annex a huge portion of China, and the Song Dynasty soon dissolved into five nations. With an even greater power, the Đại Việt expanded even further, soon taking Taiwan, the Ryukyu, and establishing a foothold on Australia in 1200. When the Mongols tried to go after Vietnam, they suffered a similar fate as the Song, and Đại Việt expanded even further, and taking Beijing. In 1400, the Đại Việt had managed to discover Vinlandia and soon enough, established several colonies. By the time the Spanish got there in 1492, the Đại Việt had covered the area of OTL New Spain's areas plus the Caribbean. The Spanish tried to fight against the Đại Việt, to no avail. Later in the mid 1500s, when the Europeans attempted to establish ports and colonies in Asia, they faced heavy defeats and were kicked out by the powerful Đại Việt. As a result, they were only able to hold small ports, mainly in Western India. In 1580, the Đại Việt had managed to gain a small port established in France.

By the 1600s, both North and South Vinlandia became divided between the Scandinavia, English, Đại Việt, and the Portuguese, with Đại Việt having the largest hold, followed by Portugal. Later in 1628, the Đại Việt experienced the industrial revolution, and by 1680, the industrial revolution had spread to Europe. Later in 1783, the United States declared independence, and would quickly find themselves in conflict with the Đại Việt.

Shortly after Napoleon came to power in the late 1790s, France went on to expand and set off the Napoleonic Wars. France didn't last, and soon after trying to take the Vietnamese port, the Đại Việt got involved. In 1810, France was defeated and was annexed as a colony of Đại Việt; and was renamed to Pháp (the Vietnamese word for France).

Several decades later, an industrialised, expansionist Japan attempted to invade Đại Việt in 1895. Despite Japan's early successes, they soon fell to the Đại Việt in 1899, and the nation was annexed save for Hokkaidō, which was granted independence as a puppet. In 1912, the Đại Việt became succeeded by the Republic of Vietnam.

In the 1950s, French rebels started a guerrilla war against the Vietnamese. The US soon got involved in the war on the French side, though by 1960 Vietnam declared war against the US. The Vietnamese were able to ultimately win the French War by 1970, and the US became annexed into Vietnam.

By modern day, Vietnam is the sole world's hyperpower. Taoism and Buddhism are the dominant religions in the world.

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Kousaka Honoka and Benben Tsukumo.

Contest 30: Somebody Once Told Me (Sunday, August 16th - Sunday, August 30th)

  • Make a map where a war broke out between two nations over an unfounded rumor.

Tape Loop -Seiga

Tape Loop (Map Contest)

Map of the World as of 2014.

In this timeline, the US goes to war against the British Empire in 1932 after unfounded rumours that the UK was plotting to go to war with them again. This resulted in the UK declaring war back, and soon the British launched invasions of the US via Canada and the British Caribbean. While the UK had the upper hand at first, the US slowly pushed them back.

When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, France had reacted by declaring war on Germany but the UK was too busy fighting off the US to aid France. With less Western Allied Forces able to participate in the fight against Germany, the Germans had managed to have somewhat an easier time fighting in Western Europe. However, once the Germans declared war and invaded the USSR, the Soviets begun to fight them with everything they got.

Meanwhile in the Pacific, Japan had decided to declare war against the US after hearing the British-US war taking place. The Japanese were able to take all of the US holdings in the Pacific and even invaded Alaska. With the US fighting two fronts, the British slowly managed to once again push the US back. Mexico later joined in on the war after a Fascist and Militarist government took hold, and invaded the Southwest US.

Finally, by 1946, the Axis in Europe were defeated by the Soviets for the most part, and the Iron Curtain reached all the way up to the French-Spanish border. The USA also had finally collapsed to the British, Japanese, and Mexican forces. Mexico was able to annex all the lands that the US originally took, Japan annexed all of the US Pacific holdings plus Alaska, and the UK annexed the former Oregon territory and New England to Canada. The rest of the US remained occupied up until 1951 when new nations formed out of the former nation, such as Indiana, Missouri, the CSA, and New York.

A three way cold war followed, with the UK, the Soviets, and the Japanese being the main three superpowers. Many conflicts took place between the three, with most notable ones include the Cyprus Missile Crisis, the independence of India and Burma with Japanese support, and the Second Spanish Civil War.

By the 1980s, the British Empire had begun to fall apart. With the Argentine victory in the Falklands with Soviet support, the last of the British colonies revolting and declaring independence, and with the IRA achieving success in Northern Ireland, the British Empire finally collapsed in 1989. In 1991, the USSR was reformed by Mikhail Gorbachev and became more democratic and free. Japan also had similar reforms and had transitioned into a democracy, and soon by 1995 the Cold War came to an end after peace between the USSR and Japan was achieved.

By modern day the USSR and Japan are the superpowers of the world. Save for a few ongoing conflicts, the world is mostly in peace. Ongoing conflicts include the War on Terror in the CSA and Pakistani separatists in India. Both the USSR and Japan are the main nations involved in these conflicts.

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Kanako Yasaka and Rikako Asakura.

Contest 29: Freedom for Africa! (Wednesday, July 15th - Monday, July 27th)

  • Make a map where Africa used European ideals to stay uncolonized. Or you can make them not adapt them, just make sure they stay uncolonized.

Viajero - Seiga

Viajero (Map Contest)

Map of the World as of 2014.

The main PoD in this timeline is that the Almoravid dynasty managed to successfully push back and defeat the various Spanish and Portuguese kingdoms that tried to regain Iberia. With this, the ruling Berber Dynasty was able to have a permanent presence in Iberia, and colonised it further. The various Spanish-Portuguese kingdoms were soon defeated and annexed by the Almoravid dynasty in 1300. A few other African nations, particularly Songhai/Mali and Ethiopia, slowly grew and became very powerful empires. Later, in the 1340s The Black Plague had ravaged Europe the most, losing 70% of its population. With Europe descending into worse chaos than OTL, the Almoravid dynasty had managed to expand upwards towards Italy, successfully took over Rome, and went further before being stopped by the several Italian kingdoms at the southern borders of OTL Italian regions of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna.

Meanwhile in the East, China, Srivijaya and Japan had grown into very powerful empires, as did Vijayanagara several years after formation. Soon, in the 1410s, Zheng He had discovered the OTL Americas, and with that, China, Japan and Srivijaya begun colonising the west side of the continents. Several decades later in 1480, a Moroccan explorer had landed upon OTL North Carolina, and soon Mali, Morocco and Scandinavia (who had survived the Black Plague mostly intact more than 100 years ago) colonised the eastern side and eventually came into contact with the Asian empires there.

In the 1510s, the Ottomans attempted to take Mamluk Egypt, and while they were able to take a part of its Asian holding, the Mamluks had managed to prevent them from expanding into Africa.

The Asian Empires, along with Ethiopia and South Africa (ruled by the Zulu) reached their way into Europe and had set up some trade ports. Ethiopia had set up a few trade ports in Britain and Ireland, but soon after several conflicts, the British Isles were soon brought under full Ethiopian control and turned it into a colony.

In the 1720s, the Industrial Revolution occurred in China and soon spread throughout Asia, and the Africans had their own Industrial Revolution in the 1730s.

Later, during the 1790s, Napoleon came into power in France and in 1800, the Napoleonic Wars took place. While France was successful at first and managed to gain some land, they soon reached a stalemate with the Polish and Austrians and had no success in pushing the Moroccans out of Iberia and Italy. Napoleon was slowly pushed back, and soon offered a peace treaty. In the treaty, France was able to keep some of its gains but had to sign non-aggression pacts with the nations that joined the war against France, and slightly limited its military power.

From 1908 to 1916, a World War took place between the Russian Empire and its allies (Ottoman Empire, Poland, Hamburg [which had most of OTL Northern Germany under its rule], and Ethiopia) vs the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its allies/supporters (France, Morocco, Mali, the Congo, and Arabia); and ended with an Austro-Hungarian victory. As a result of the war, the Ottomans lost land to Arabia, Ethiopia had lost some land to the Congo and Mali along with having to give the British Isles independence, and Russia, Hamburg, and Poland losing a bit of land to Austria-Hungary.

By modern day, Mali, Morocco, China, Japan, and Srivijaya are the superpowers of the world. Africa in TTL is much more industrialised, richer, and in general considered First World Countries (think Japan/Western Europe). Europe in TTL, although had came a long way, are not as wealthy and are less developed than OTL. The major religions include various native African religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, and Islam.

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Byakuren Hijiri and Youmu Konpaku.

Empires of the Ancient Continent (LightningLynx89)

Map Contest, No Colonization Africa

Central African Empires (Upvoteanthology)

Central Africa

Contest 28: Asian Colonization (Monday, June 29th - Monday, July 13th)

  • Make a map where Europe colonized East Asia instead of Africa. While there can still be African colonies, they have to focus on Asia itself. Much like Africa today, Asia should be falling apart due to genocide and mass killings from the Europeans.

Nederlander by Dawn -Seiga

Nederlander by Dawn (Map Contest)

Map of East, South East, and South Asia as of 2014.

In this timeline, the Netherlands led a stronger colonisation in Asia and less everywhere else, and had a much better time fighting against rival colonial powers, especially the British. When the Dutch made contact with Japan in 1609, it was much more forceful and the Dutch manage to have leased a few cities from Japan. The Dutch also colonised Formosa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, and Southern India along with Sri Lanka. While the British, French, and the Spanish still had colonies in Asia, they faced numerous conflicts with the Dutch that reduced their influence and holdings and were limited.

In 1630, when the Tokugawa Shogunate attempted to shut down contacts with the west, the Dutch launched an invasion of Japan and turned it into a colony. The Tokugawa clan was heavily destroyed, and the Dutch put up a Dutch-friendly clan to rule alongside a Dutch governor. Over time, Japan ended up becoming under heavy Dutch influence and while they were a colony of the Dutch, the Netherlands was somewhat respectful of Japanese culture and the Japanese themselves, as long as they didn't go against the Dutch. Unfortunately, with the Japanese constantly attempting to revolt, the Dutch brought more of their military to Japan to try and crush anyone that attempted to revolt. The native population soon found itself dropped to eleven million by 1700.

The Dutch also had a strong influence over Korea and portions of China. However, in 1755, the Qing Dynasty led a war against the Dutch in an attempt to remove Dutch influence, with Korea joining in on Qing's side. This war backfired, and led to the Dutch taking portions of China and conquering Korea and turning it into a colony. A few European nations such as France and Portugal decided to side with the Dutch, and were also able to get a few more ports and pieces of China.

The brutal rule over portions of Asia, especially from the Dutch, lasted until after the Second World War when the colonies in Asia were released over time. The Dutch however managed to keep Formosa and parts of Japan as overseas provinces. China would find itself in constant civil wars with various factions, including the Kuomintang and Communists, trying to take all of China as theirs. Japan also faced civil wars though not as bad as China; and became divided into four nations: the Communists, Shintoists (led by Mononobe clan), Buddhists (led by Soga clan), and Republicans. Korea managed to stay intact though became similar to OTL South Africa, with the native Koreans gaining rights after the fall of the Apartheid government. Indonesia remains unified, but constantly faced with many guerrilla wars in many parts of the nation, such as the Aceh and West Papua separatists. Meanwhile, Thailand, the only nation to barely escape European rule (save for the brief French occupation during the Second World War), became something similar to OTL Ethiopia.

In the modern day, the Netherlands still hold superpower status and remains relations with a few nations in Asia.

The main characters of the Touhou Project are Alice Margatroid and Yuuka Kazami, with the setting taking place in a fictionalised Netherlands.

Something Strange (LightingLynx89)

Something Strange

China? Zimbabwe. (Upvoteanthology)

All the information in the doobley-doo below.

China Africa

Voting for Asian Colonization

Nederlander by Dawn -Seiga

Something Strange (LightingLynx89)

China? Zimbabwe. (Upvoteanthology)

Contest Suggestions

  • War Map: Create a scenario for a war between two or more countries and include maps of territory changes, specific battles, major offensives, battle locations, etc.
  • Prussian-Austrian War: Make a map of a post-Austrian victory at the Battle of Köngingratz, and how the world would butterfly after. Saturn120 12:35, April 10, 2015 (UTC)
  • Post WWII: Pick a POD happening from 1939-1945. Make a map of how the world would be different today, especially focusing on the cold war.
  • Long Lost Brothers: Select a minor power nation, select TWO PODs; one from the Antiquity and another from the past one hundred years, wank that country to its greatest extent. - .....  Because I'm Just... Too... SSSWWWEEEEEETTT!!!
  • Change of Coast: This scenario features all Old World Nations from Afro-Eurasia (such as China) flipped to the New World (the Americas and Australia), and vice versa (ie Aztecs in OTL Spain and Portugal); and from there, write out a timeline of how the world would look like. -Seiga Miko THPW2 Flag of Europe 2015 July 06, 04:39 (CET)
  • From Small to Big: Make a map where a small nation rapidly expands and controls an enormous amount of territory.

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