The Maori Empire is a nation based on the Maori Islands which controls much of Australia and Indonesia.


The English Commonwealth once tried to colonize the Maori Isles, and found themselves bogged down in heavy conflict with the natives. Faced with overwhelming international pressure from Europe and the aggressive spread into Indonesia of the Mogol Empire, the British decided to pull out. Salvaging the situation, the English set up several trade deals, providing the Commonwealth with new exotic riches from the islands, while providing the Maori with modern technology. The Maori were quick to colonize parts of Australia and Indonesia until they encountered the Mongolians. The Mongolians attempted several times to invade the Maori territory (see History of Warfare(Icarus Reality)) but where repulsed again and again by the Maori (of course, with English, Japanese and Colonial assistance). When the Great War erupted, the Maori remained neutral. However, the Mongol Empire decided once again to invade the Maori on the grounds that they had economic ties to the UEC. The Mongolians managed to force the Maori out of much of Australia and Indonesia, which the Maori promptly won back in the Mongolian Air War.

Military Tactics

The Maori still fight in highly efficient and deadly warrior bands. Bands typically cooperate on the battlefield, coordinating anti-aircraft sorties. The Maori do not have much of a air force, focusing instead on ground troops. However, they do operate small destroyer-corvette packs launched from temporary airfields to stymie the main enemy fleets. This strategy works superficially well, but it is only a matter of time before the Maori come up against a serious opponent, willing to dedicate serious capital ships.

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