Mao Zedong

Mao Jinshi, General of the Chinese Green Army and later General of the Armies

Mao Jinshi (December 26, 1883 – July 7, 1950) was a Chinese politician and general who worked closely in tandem with Jiang Gang Heng in the aftermath of World War IV. He became a symbol of rags-to-riches and promised to rebuild China until it was as glorious as it had been in the ancient days. However, he lacked the charismatic speaking skills of Jiang and instead focused on improving the weak and lackluster armed forces of the nation. During his time as Green General (1922 - 1935), he ensured that the Chinese remained in key with western powers and refused to fall behind with modern weaponry, nearly bankrupting the nation. However, the outbreak of the Third Sino-Japanese War in 1927 justified his actions as the Chinese were able to counter and overpower the Japanese. He continued to lead on the front lines until the pivotal turning point of the war at the Battle of Nagoya, where the Chinese northwards advance into Japan was halted. During the stalemate of 19413-46, Mao was continuously shuffled between Zhaoqing and the front, leading to incapable replacements that allowed the Japanese to force the Chinese out of the home islands. Mao was captured by the Russian Army in 1947 and was held prisoner in Siberia until he was found and freed by the Chinese Blue Army in the following year. However, he was once more amongst the captured during the Fall of Zhaoqing. After the war, he was imprisoned on the USS Arizona until he was tried at the International Criminal Court in Sitka. Mao was found guilty of war crimes against the Japanese and was executed by firing squad on July 7, 1950, alongside Anton Drexler.

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