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Or just simply Mnml is a timeline, where many dead languages are revived.

Points of Divergence


  • 1250 BC- Hittite kingdom throws the Sea peoples away.
  • 1183 BC- Achaens fail to conquer Troy.
  • 851 BC- Phrygians conquer the outer Halys river and found Phrygia.
  • 852 BC- Hittite empire collapses. Creation of the city states of Hattušaš, Tabal, Kilaku, Nešas, Cartchemiš.
  • 872 BC- King Lydus of Lydia declares independence.
  • 650 Bc- Foundation of Carthage.
  • 626 BC- Babylonia fails in overthrowing Assyria.
  • 583 BC- Babylonia overthrows Assyria. Elam,.Israel and Phoenicia are independent.
  • 581 BC- Medeans conquer Elam, Assyria.
  • 573 BC- Persians overthrow Medean empire.
  • 571 BC- Persians conquer Babylon and Syria.
  • 561 BC- Persians invade the Levant, but without success.
  • 555 BC- Cyrus the Great invades Phoenicia and Canaan.He conquers Egypt and Nubia and marches northwards, where he dies.
  • 531 BC- Cambyses fights the newly-created Kiliko-Hitite Empire, and conquers its capital, Carchemiš.
  • 520 BC- Cambyses conquers Asia as far as the Indus and Syr Darya.
  • 512 BC- Darius destroys the Kiliko-Hitite empire and sets his border on the river Halys.


  • 509 BC- Roman Republic is founded
  • 487 BC- King Darius invades Greece.
  • 465 BC- King Artaxerxes conquers Macedon and Thessally
  • 360 BC- North Greek rebellion led by Philipp.
  • 354 BC- Alexander conquers Greece, Thracia and Illyria and attacks Persia from the north.
  • 363 BC- Battle under the Ararat. King Darius III of Persia dies.
  • 362 BC- King Alexander campaigns in Levant and Egypt. His general Crateros invades Anatolia and Seleukos invades Persia and the East.
  • 359 BC- Alexander attacks India and conquers it.
  • 354 BC- Alexander returns to Babylon
    Alexanders empire

    Alexanders conquests

  • 351 BC- Alexander invades Arabia.
  • 346 BC- Alexander returns to Babylon.
  • 341 BC- Alexander dies.
  • 340 BC- Treaty of Babylon: League of Babylon entablished.
  • 309 BC- League of Babylon loses possessions in India and Arabia.
  • 282 BC- Rome rules the whole of the Italic peninsula.
  • 264 BC- Outbreak of First Punic war.
  • 241 BC- Carthage defeated.
  • 218 BC- Hannibal conquers Saguntum, outbreak of second Punic war.
  • 205 BC- Hannibal's victory at Ostia, end of war, Romans lost holdings in OTL Italy.
  • 187 BC- Scipio defeats Carthaginians at Tarent and Panormus.
  • 186 BC- Scipio invades Africa, Carthage surrenders.
  • 101 BC- Fall of the eastern half of the League of Babylon to Parthians, the rest known as League of Syria.
  • 59 BC- Caesar's campaigns in Syria. The whole of the League of Syria is conquered by Rome.
  • 50 BC- End of Syrian campaigns.
  • 48 BC- Caesar crosses Rubicon.
  • 27 BC- Octavian proclaimed Augustus.
  • 101 AD- Trajan fixes borders at Danube, Euphrates desert and Rhine.
  • 122 AD- Hadrian's wall built.
    Lannguages of Europe after Caesars conquests
  • 165 AD- Marcus Aurelius fails in conquering the Central Danube basin.
  • 252 AD- Parthians defeat Rome and conquer Syria.
  • 255 AD- Romans reconquer Syria.
  • 257 AD- Franks invade Gaul.
  • 306 AD- Constantine becomes emperor.
  • 407 AD- The Visigoths and Franks are across the Rhine.
  • 312 AD- Constantine converts to Christianity.
  • 476 AD- Fall of the West roman empire.

Middle Ages

  • 507 Visigoths defeat the Franks, Franks retreat east of the Loire.
  • 552 Byzantines retake North Africa, Italy and southern Hispania.
  • 572 Lombards invade northern Italy- foundation of Lombardy.
  • 577 West Saxons are defeated at the Battle of Deorham.
  • 627 Battle of Nineveh.Assyrian revolt against Persians successful.
  • 634 Battle of Heavenfield. Northumbrians defeat the Welsh.
  • 645 Byzantines conquer northern Hejaaz.
  • 681 Bulgarians are thrown away at the Battle of Danube Delta by Thraco-Byzantine armies.
  • 685 Picts defeat Northumbria at Nechtansmere.
  • 710 Second kingdom of Carthage founded under king Hasdrobil.
  • 721 Hasdrobil conquers Byzantine possessions in Hispania.
  • 735 Kingdom of Sagunt founded in eastern Hispania.
  • 738 Franks finally defeat Visigothic kingdom. Visigoths conquer Lusitania.
  • 745 Kingdom of Galicia defeats Visigoths at Porto.
  • 751 Foundation of Asturia.
  • 768 Beginning of Charlemagne's reign.
  • 777 Kingdom of Mauretia ćonquers southern Hispania after Battle at Gades.
  • 793 Vikings sack Landisfarne.
  • 814 End of Charlemagne's reign.
  • 843 Treaty of Verdun.
  • 846 Foundation of Moravia.
  • 851 Foundation of Kingdom of Alba.
  • 862 Foundation of Kiev Rus.
  • 874 Vikings settle Iceland.
  • 875 Vikings conquer Northumbria and Mercia.
  • 878 Norway unified.
  • 898 Kingdom of Polabia founded.
  • 907 Magyars defeated at Komárno.
  • 911 Rolo settles in Normandy.
  • 925 Kingdom of Croatia founded.
  • 955 Battle of Lechfeld. Magyars utterly defeated.
  • 971 Mieszko becomes Polish duke.
  • 989 Eric the Red colonizes Greenland.
  • 1054 There is no West-East schism.
  • 1066 William of Normandy defeated at Hastings.
  • 1071 Byzantines win at Mantzikert.
  • 1111 Turks settle in Lycaonia.
  • 1204 There is no sack of Constantinople.
  • 1215 Magna Carta sealed by John I. of England.
  • 1295 Marco Polos tales of China.
  • 1337 Start of the Hundred Years War.
  • 1380 Dmitriy Donskii defeats Mongols.
  • 1453 Constantinople does not fall to Ottoman Turks........
  • 1492 Columbus reaches the New World.

Early modern Era

Modern Era

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