Manuel Bulnes
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Manuel Bulnes
Army General Manuel Bulnes.

President of Chile
2 October 1856 – 2 October 1860

Predecessor Marcos Maturana del Campo
Successor Manuel Montt Torres
Born December 25, 1799
Flag of Chile Concepción, Chile
Died 18 October 1866(1866-10-18) (aged 66)
Flag of Chile Santiago, Chile
Spouse Enriqueta Pinto Garmendia
Political Party Cross Santiago Conservative
Religion Catholic
Profession Militar

Manuel Bulnes Prieto (1799-1866) was the __th President of Chile, serving from 1856 to 1860, and is regarded as a national hero for his leadership during the Peruvian-Chilean War (1857-59). As the victory led to Chile officially adding over a third of its modern territory in the north, Bulnes was hailed as a conquering hero and became the first of five consecutive members of the Conservative Party to hold the Chilean Presidency. Before to be President he was Senator for Concepción between 1948 and 1956. He is commemorated at Santiago's Plaza Manuel Bulnes and the adjoining Avenida Presidente Bulnes, and is typically regarded as one of Chile's greatest Presidents both for his victory and for his ushering in of a period of general cultural and economic expansion in Chile.