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Manuel Bulnes
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Manuel Bulnes
Portrait of

3th Bandera Presidente de Chile President of Chile
September 18, 1845 – September 18, 1855

Predecessor José Joaquín Prieto
Successor Francisco Antonio Pinto
Vice president Manuel Rodríguez Erdoiza (1845 - 1850)
José María de la Cruz (1850 - 1855)

Senator of the Republic
for Talca

February 12, 1865 – October 18, 1866

Senator of the Republic
for Talca

September 18, 1858 – February 12, 1865

Escudo de Armas del Ejercito Chileno
Commander-in-chief of the Army of Chile

1845 – 1860

Predecessor José Joaquín Prieto
Successor José María de la Cruz
Born December 25, 1799(1799-12-25)
Flag of Chile Concepción, Chile
Died October 18, 1866(1866-10-18) (aged 66)
Flag of Chile Santiago, Chile
Spouse Enriqueta Pinto
Political Party Conservative
Profession Military Leader

Manuel Bulnes Prieto (December 25, 1799 – October 18, 1866) was a Chilean military and political figure. He was twice President of Chile between 1845-1850 and 1850-1855.


Bulnes born in Concepción on December 25, 1799. Was one of the sons of the captain of the Royal Spanish Army Manuel Bulnes Quevedo and Carmen Prieto Vial.

He realized his first studies in house. Following the military tradition of his family, he entered at the age of twelve years to a battalion of Infantry of Line, in that his father was official, in the penquista city. In March, 1813, his progenitor achieved that was promoted as assistant of brigadier by the Spanish. Bulnes was sent to study to Santiago until 1818, when the Spanishs closed the college due to protests, forcing he to return to Concepcion

At the age of 21 he was imprisoned as a revolutionary by the Spanish authorities, but was soon released, and in 1822 joined the army of Bernardo O'Higgins under whom he served as colonel throughout the Chilean War of Independence. He participated in several combats against the Spanish in the central zone of Chile.

After three years of continuous warfare (1832-35), he accomplished the temporary conquest of the Araucanian Indians. He was appointed brigadier general in 1836.

He married with Enriqueta Pinto Garmendia on July 20, 1841, daughter in turn of the future president of Chile Francisco Antonio Pinto} - who in fact succeeded to Bulnes - and sister of the vice president Aníbal Pinto Garmendia.

1st and 2nd Presidencies

His presidencies were characterised by educational and cultural expansion, supported by the encouragement of foreign intellectuals to come to Chile. The National Institute was reformed and several junior schools were established along with the José Abelardo Núñez Upper School. In Santiago the University of Chile was founded during his watch, in 1847.

Participation in the Civil War