Mantelar Alliance Flag MantelarCoatof Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

We are Civilization (Common Mantelar)

Anthem "Red Stars"
Capital Eskarr (World), Astra (City)
Largest city Astra
Other cities Codepolis, Okar, Phaidor, Valley Dor, Omean, Xator and Medelin
Common Mantelar
  others Green Mantelar, Old Red, Little Mantelar and Codelang
The Red God
  others Red Worshipers, The Original Gods, Warbond and Wildnots
Ethnic Groups
Thars (87%)
  others Snilloc (3%), Cheves (2%), Vomisa (1.5%), Varos (1.5%), Kajorks (1%) and others
Demonym Mantelares, Mantelars, Mantelas (derogatory) or Mallieds
Government Autocratic Meritocracy
  legislature The Elite
First Speaker Rogal Xalbat
Population Unknown, maybe some billions 
The Mantelar Alliance is a racial confederacy residing in the Milky Way Galaxy, created from the union between the angel like species called Snilloc and the white giants known as Vomisa. Later, other four races (Thars, Kojarks, Varos and Cheves) where added to the Alliance until reach the actual size. Apart from these five main species, at least three dozen more inhabit the Mantelar space, but their numbers are not enough to be consider a main contributor to the Alliance.


5 Races

The alliance was born between the ashes from the old Snilloc Empire (the Empire fail in a civil war) and the refugee Vomisa (their homeworld Caasi was destroyed in a biological/nanotech war), both fleets join and start a long friendship. Soon one nomadic race (Varos) without homeworld, find about the peaceful Alliance and join with the hope of find a new homeworld for all of them. After that they find a world, devastated by a nuclear war, the last survivors (Kojarks) remain in giant bunkers and space stations join the Alliance to save their lives. In a inhabitable planet the Alliance find thousands of slaves (Cheves) working under mechanical vigilance, the robots were destroyed and the Cheves with their medieval minds join the Alliance and were uplifted.

The green guys

Soon the Mantelar Alliance (name adopted by all the ships and races) find a low-gravity world inhabited by four-armed warlovers green giant humanoids (the thars) that established some kind of treaty with the Alliance, the Thars would be foot soldiers for the Mantelar Army if the Alliance give them tech, food, weapons and send them to good battles, the greatest wish of every thar.

The first expansion

The Mantelar Alliance soon conquer hundreds of systems using thars and tech, (that was easy because most of this galactic sector was totally unpopulated), with five exceptions. The Mantelar tried to be diplomatic with all the neighborhood but the feeling wasn't corresponded, so the Alliance shows its claws and fight, first with some weird insects, then with a high tech reptil species (that was the hardest war of all), then two humanoid races, and finally against a great empire of pirates. The almost total destruction of this five nations give the Alliance the opportunity to take thousands of stars under its control. The remains of this five species still live in the planet Ki'tara, but are highly controlled by the Alliance to avoid any future conflict.

The Small Civil War

But the Alliance soon find a bigger trouble than the old hostile species, an internal enemy. The Snilloc Commander O'sas Shifarsigt and a whole Distritum (a geographic divisions, equivalent to a Canadian' province) declares themselves independent, The Elite did not know what to do, so O'sas thougth that was her opportunity to take out The Elite, and declare herself as Empress. The war destroy many worlds, and only stop when the Elite send an Assassin Force to kill her, her death end the war.


Two thousand years after the Civil War, the Alliance continues their activities, sending thousands of Scientific Groups al over the galaxy to explore and investigate. Right now a Scientific Group is in the Oort cloud watching the sun system.

Member Species



The leader race of the alliance, the old Snilloc Empire fell many years ago, the survivors began a long journey, until they settle back and started a new civilization with many client races, but in time these client races climb up in the status and now there is equality The Snillocs are at least a 3% of the Alliance population. The Snillocs have wings, but in the conditions the Snillocs live now, are totally useless, so when born the wings are usually amputated, but the Snilloc culture have strong references to the wings. And in the high atmospheric pressure - low gravity world of Octavios, the snillocs still fly. The Snillocs life is around 175 human years.






Non-Organic Citizens

The tag Non-Organic Citizens (NOC) includes all Artificial Intelligence: robots with self-determination, androids with thoughts, machines with positronic (Asimov) brains, and highly developed computers. The NOC's gain full citizenship in the human year 1969. After that the NOC's were free.


Mantelar Ship

A Mothership, ready to fight.

The Mantelar Starfleet is the fleet of ships used by the Mantelar Alliance in war and peace, to attack, defend, transport and more.
  • Flagship: The greatest ship in the entire fleet, the Neila Omortson (read backwards :D).
  • Capital ship: A ship build for the command, big, heavy and hard.
  • Mother ship: Colossal ship, can contain lesser ships, like Destroyers and transports.
  • Scientific ship: A research focused ship, little combat skills.
  • Battlecruiser: low attack, but great resistance.
  • Destroyer: lots of attack, lots of defense.
  • Transport: almost null weapons, good shields, can transport near 6.500 freezed soldiers.
  • Frigate: the escort kind, build for speed and maneuverability.
  • Explorer: the faster ship in the Mantelar Fleet and second smallest, two passengers.
  • Yeldir: the smallest, an AI controlled fighter.


The Mantelar Alliance have highly advanced nanotechnology. The Mantelar Alliance also have access to highly advanced technology, but usually cheap technology is used by the colonies, leading any spies to underestimate the Alliance.


Petrae Rifle


Ekloe Rifle

The Petrae Rifle is the main weapon of the Green Horde, the rifle is basically a chemical propulsion weapon that fires gold or diamonds (yap, we use gold as ammo). The Petrae can shoot at least 60 bullets before recharge, but most times they can only shoot a magazine before attack with melee weapons and pistols. This rifle is known because of the high damage and penetration is able to, more when is use by the perfect marksmanship of thousand of thars at the same time. In the first war between the reptiles and the Alliance, an entire enemy regiment surrender after their tanks were made debris with only an infantry attack.

Ekloe Rifle

Manning 22 DZ

The Ekloe Rifle is the secondary weapon used by the Green Horde (the lesser infantry), is a large metalic weapon, with a simple mechanism, its technology is in fact much lower than the Mantelar standard, but is highly effective. The Ekloe Rifle shoots a small bullet made of nanites, the nanites once inside the enemy body start replicating then follow the nerves to the central nervous system, where the nanites take control of the body, self-replicating to the point of a computer, when that happens the enemy awakes again as a cyborg Zombie, controlled by the Cheve's Tech-Necromancer. If turn the enemy into a Zombie proves impossible, the nanites just destroy every cell they can. The rifle can fire 500 rounds before recharge. At least two of every five thars use a Ekloe Rifle in battle.



On defense, the Alliance military lives by the maxim, "He who tries to defend everything defends nothing." Only small defense automatic systems are placed on their far colonies. These are intended for scouting and delay the enemy rather than combat, avoiding engagement to observe and report on invaders using drones. However, the Alliance stations powerful fleets at inhabited solar systems so that in the event of an attack they respond with a overwhelming force usually unknown to the enemy.


Several TK-2 satellites combining their firepower, in this case is used to destroy a colony in rebellion.

Any colony is guarded by the PODS (Point of Divergence?, no, it's: Primary Orbital Defense System) hundreds of small satellites (TK-2) undetectable from space debris (except while shooting) able to fire and hide again in the clouds of debris, the fire-power of this satellites is enough to destroy launch pods, landing craft, scouts and other small ships, but when many of this satellites fire together, the damage can be a lot higher. This defense can delay the enemy from hours to months (if the enemy wants to destroy every satellite), but some massive fleets can just go through the PODS just ignoring the damage. The satellites also can lead a powerful suicidal attack in this case.

The PTDS (Primary Terrestrial Defense System) is the equivalent of the PODS in the ground, laser stations and plasma cannons able to fire and delay any enemy who trespass the PODS. The STDS (Secondary TDS) is only available in developed worlds, is basically mobile stations of laser weapons, who can literally shoot and run, making invasor's life a hell if he can't target the stations.

But even all the PODS, PTDS and STDS can't hold a perseverant o numerous invasor forever, that's when the Alliance's Fleet appears, from hundreds to thousands ships (if you are attacking our capital world) attack the invasors with a overwhelming force.

All Mantelar star systems contain communication stations able to launch an alert if any strange fleet invade the system. The asteroid ring of many central planets hides battle drones. Is normal to find that not only the planet/colony is surrounded by defense satellites, many moons, planets, asteroids and even comets can hide a TK-2 ready to distract the enemy. It's important to remember that all of this defense systems are made to delay the enemy.


The government of the Alliance is a meritocracy, only the smartest, strongest, altruistic, richest (own money, no family money) more powerful, more intelligent, more charismatic and more strong-willed people can be an Elite Lord.

  1. The First Speaker: Is more a moderator to The Elite than a leader. Incorruptible, charismatic, and intelligent beyond comprehension, is also the public figure of The Elite.
  2. The Second Speaker: The anti-corruption officer, always watching The Elite and avoiding conflicts, hunting corruption, fighting oligarchy and any perversion of the Mantelar Code.
  3. The Elite: Both, legislative and executive power. More than 5000 members, the best in all ways of the Alliance. The words of The Elite can only be vetoed by the Speakers, the Judicators High Court and the Intructissimos Administratum, and 1 fifth of The Elite in unanimity. So basically the words of The Elite are literally the law.
  4. The Judicators: The highest policial/judicial power, many law-minded men and women watching The Elite and the Speakers, protecting the Mantelar Code and serving the Alliance. Any trial of an Elite is made by the Judicators.
  5. The Administratum: The bureaucracy, in charge of made effective the resolutions of The Elite, and report to the Elite. The Administratum also covers messaging, organization, research, resources location, and more, anything The Elite is not in charge, its the work to the Administratum.
  6. The Law Sons: A police and judiciary organization, those who investigate crimes are also the judges, the work of the Law Sons is basically be a Detective and a Judge at the same time, everything a Law Son does is recorded by cameras in their eyes, so wrong convictions are very rare
  7. The Local Assembly: There is a Local Assembly in all colonies, towns, space stations, ships and more, is in charge of any activity not relevant to the Alliance as a whole. The President of the Assembly is voted and have privileges such call Law Sons, declare state of emergency, gather militias, and more.


  • Ahlose Alliance: A treaty of non-aggression and friendship.
    • Notes: The Ahlose are more powerful than the Alliance, and to travel the solar system we can go through Ahlose space.
  • Polarans: Alliance.
    • Notes: We offer to buy people from the worlds the Polarans strip-mine, to avoid intelligent species to extinct and increase diversity in the Alliance.
  • Centri Republic: Alliance,
    • Notes: We both are part of the Third Pact, a group outside Regenetech and Terran influence. Many of our ideas and policies are similar.
  • Canada: Alliance.
  • Denmark: Alliance.
  • Terran Empire: The Terran are classified as MJK/8, Hostile and Dangerous Nation, high surveillance and precautions should be taken.


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