This game will begin around February 7. All dates are not set in stone, however.

June 3, 1942. Nazi Germany controls most of Europe in a reign of terror. Meanwhile, in the Pacific, Americans and Japanese are gearing up for the Battle of Midway. All this would change. An asteroid, drifting past the Earth was attracted by its gravity and plummeted down to the Earth, into the North Atlantic Ocean, somewhere between the Azores and Bermuda. Overnight, the world was forever changed. The impact into the crust caused earthquakes across the world, devastating coastlines, especially Japan and the Pacific Rim. Tsunamis devastated the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, and massive earthquakes caused tsunamis around the rest of the world. A major fragment crashed into the Himalayas, devastating much of Southeast Asia, and earthquakes devastated Africa in particular, especially the east.

Most navies across the world were destroyed, and the sun was blanketed by dust. After several days, World War II was put to a quick halt, as nations concentrated on rebuilding. Their efforts were in vain, however, when crops begun to fail across the world due to little amounts of sunlight reaching the ground. An "Endless Winter" had descended upon Earth at the end of the year, and riots and food shortages were commonplace. Many nations occupied by the Third Reich revolted, often successfully, and even most of the German military put down their arms, as Hitler and many of the SS fled Berlin. Following his death, the remnants of the military quickly deposed the SS and put into place a new government. This government, however was limited in resources, and shut itself off, causing the rest of the Reich to come crashing down. Germany was the first nation to collapse into anarchy, followed by many others. Eventually, in 1943, the world was huddled in small makeshift settlements without any sense of order. Overnight, the world population plummeted from around 2.5 billion to about 250 million mostly huddled in Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

Humanity survived, however, by wit, technology, and social ability, and by 1950, the last of the winter ended, and even some fledgeling nations have emerged. Earth is now a blank slate. Shall you and your band of wandering survivors settle, and perhaps establish the next great nation? Only time can tell. Welcome to Mankind Reborn.


These are the brief rules, for more in-depth rules, see Rules (Mankind Reborn Map Game)

  1. You form your own nation, with a nation page. Nations are up to 7000 sq mi or about 11,265 sq km. This is about half the size of Taiwan or the size of Slovenia.
  2. Nation pages are required. Failing to create one within five turns of joining results in a warning, ten turns results in your nation being removed.
  3. Nation pages are comprised of the History, Counties the nation controls, basic information.
  4. The base unit on a map is the County. Counties are the basic units that a nations is comprised of. Counties comprise regions, which in turn comprise continents.
  5. Each year, a mod event states how things are going in each region.
  6. NO DIRECT SUCCESSOR STATES. No Provisional USA or things of the like. There will be small successors, but they will be mod-controlled.
  7. Where you settle determines the fate of your early state. Mod events will elaborate on this.
  8. Moderators control NPC nations and create mod events. Since there are many of each in this game, moderators must be committed.
  9. The main purpose of mods, however is to cross out implausible posts/"moderate" the game. Thus they must be fair and honest.
  10. A mod failing to hold up these criteria can be expelled from moderatorship by a majority vote of the other mods.
  11. Nation pages are required. You need a nation infobox, flag, relations, and brief history of your nation AT LEAST. More information is recommended.
  12. No metagaming
  13. The game starts in 1950. One year per day (this is not going to be a long game).
  14. A mod entitled "Mapmaker" will update the in-game map every ten turns. If he fails to do so, another mod will.
  15. And now for the most important plausible. Most people put a "don't conquer the world in two turns as Switzerland" here, but I'm not :).
  16. When making your nation page, CATEGORIZE IT under "Mankind Reborn".
  17. If a nation is inactive, it will in civil unrest after five turns. After ten turns, it will be destroyed by a mod event. (Unless you state on the talk page that you are leaving for a period of time).
  18. Mods will be decided based on the amount of players. There is one mod for every five players. There cannot be less than three mods, so if more than 15 people join this, expect to see another mod.

State of the World

This is for a brief description of the state of the continents and regions of the world at the moment.

This is NOT For your nation (That goes in the Nation section)

  • Europe
    • British Isles
    • Germany
    • France
    • Slavia
    • Russia
  • North America
  • South America
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Antarctica
  • Oceania

Sign Up

For now, signups are limited to European nations.


These are the maps that are in use in the game.

Currently, all maps are under construction. These are just base maps.

USA County Map

Europe County Map


For more information on the subject, see Moderator Rules in the Rules section.

  1. Head Mod: Phyrexia symbol Yawgmoth, Lord of the Wastes Phyrexia symbol
  2. Local Mafia Boss
  3. Mscoree
  4. CrimsonAssassin

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