Mandu was the leader of the Mangarla tribe. It was his ideas and beliefs that would eventually lead to the formulation of the first Aboriginal Collective. It was Mandu 's belief that the deities worshipped by his people and the people of other tribes may be the same or similar, but in different forms, and that this was the only reason that the tribes were not united. He began to see characteristics of the deities he believed in and worshipped in the beliefs of the other tribes, and became determined to convince his tribe of this.

At first, unsurprisingly, there was a large amount of dispute over this theory. His people were adamant of their beliefs and would not relinquish them easily. But eventually he made a breakthrough - a group of people from another tribe, not far from where Mangarla was situated, had heard of his beliefs and wanted to learn more.

These people were fascinated with what Mandu had to say. His tribe, too, had begun to see his perspective. But angry resistors made sure that Mandu's crazy ideas would not interfere with their traditional way of life. He was forced to relinquish his badge of office and was to be executed.

Upon his death, there was an uprising within the tribe, which became divided. Change was unusual, yet exciting, and Mandu's speeches had convinced them that maybe it was the right thing to do. Other tribes had heard of this atrocity and came to find his body, so that the appropriate rituals could be performed. When this was not achieved, the attackers forced entry into Mangarla and stole the body. It was returned to the nearby tribe of Amangu where it was laid to rest. His bones were carried by over fifty of his most loyal followers.

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