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It is 28 June 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was signed yesterday, giving the German colony of Tsingtao to the Japanese. This enrages the Chinese who call the Beiyang Army of the late Yuan Shikai traitorous, and begin launching campaigns against the Beiyang Army...


Mandate of Heaven Base Map


  • Fengtian (Green)
  • Ma Clique + KMT (Blue)
  • Yunnan Clique (Violet)
  • Guangxi Clique (Yellow)
  • Beiyang + Manchu Restoration (Gold)
  • Anhui Clique (Sky Blue)
  • Zhili Clique (Orange)
  • Guominjun (Beige)
  • Xinjiang (Steel Blue)
  • Shanxi (Pink)
  • Sichuan (Purple)
  • Guangdong (Brown)
  • Chinese Communists (Red)


Bolded factions are powers. Italicized factions do not have a military. 

Beiyang Army + Manchu Restoration

Anhui Clique

  • Premier Duan Qirui
  • Commander Xu Shuzeng
  • Minister of War Duan Zhigui
  • General/Premier Jin Yunpeng
  • Chairman Wang Yitang
  • Brigadier Commander/Warlord of Zhejiang & Shanghai Lu Yongxiang
  • Hunan Governor Zhang Jingyao

Zhili Clique

  • President Cao Kun
  • Supreme Commander Wu Peifu
  • General Sun Chuanfang

Fengtian Clique

  • Leader Zhang Zuolin- WILDSTARSKAORI
  • Zhang Xueliang
  • General Guo Songling
  • Shangdong Commander Zhang Zhongchang
  • Zhang Haipeng
  • Zhang Jinghui
  • Tang Yulin
  • Wan Fulin
  • Cavalry Commander Wu Junsheng
  • Yang Yutin 

Shanxi Clique

  • Generalissimo Yan Xishan

Guominjun (KMT Allied)

  • General Feng Yuxiang
  • Sun Yue
  • Military Governor Hu Jingyi
  • Song Zheyuan

Ma Clique + Kuomingtang

  • Chief General Ma Anliang
  • Ma Qi
  • Ma Lin
  • Ma Fuxiang
  • Ma Bufang
  • Ma Hongbin
  • Ma Hongkui
  • Ma Zhongying
  • Ma Hushan
  • Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek KawaiiKame (talk) 03:02, May 25, 2016 (UTC)
  • President-in-exile Sun Yat-sen
  • Senior General He Yinqin
  • Commander Hu Hanmin
  • Liao Zhongkai
  • Wang Jingwei
  • Chairman Han Fuqu

Xinjiang Clique

  • Yang Zengxin- Bozistanball
  • Ma Fuxing
  • Ma Shaowu
  • Jin Shuren

Yunnan Clique

  • Military Governor Cai E
  • Military Governor Tang Jiyao
  • Governor Hu Ruoyu
  • Governor Long Yun

Old Guangxi Clique + New Guangxi Clique

  • Lu Rongting
  • Chen Binghun
  • Military Governor Shen Hongying
  • Bai Chongxi
  • Huang Shaoxiong
  • Li Zongren


  • General Chen Jiongming
  • Chairman Chen Jitang

Sichuan Clique (Divided)

  • Liu Wenhai
  • Liu Xiang
  • Yang Sen
  • Tian Songyao
  • Deng Xihou

Chinese Communist Party/1st National Congress of the Communist Party of China

  • General Secretary Mao Zedong
  • Dong Biwu
  • Chen Duxiu
  • Zhang Guotao
  • Li Da
  • Deng Xiaoping

Japanese Tsingtao and Kwantung Army

  • Baron Kamio Mitsuomi

French Shanghai Concession

  • Louis Charles de Montigny

British Hong Kong

  • Governor Sir Reginald Edward Stubbs
  • Colonial Secretary Sir Claude Severn

Portuguese Macau

  • Governor Henrique Monteiro Correia da Silva



  • One player per character per turn
  • You are playing as a person NOT the nation, so you can only send troops to fight each other
  • each turn is around 3 months
  • respect mod decisions
  • If your general is killed, you may change to any open slot, but you must skip one turn before resuming play.
  • Be plausible.
  • Have Fun. 


23 October 1919

After the registration of the Treaty of Versaille was announced the day before, Lu Yongxiang of Anhui leads 2,500 men to retake the French Concession in Shanghai from the French.

In a last ditch effort to restore trust in the Manchu restoration, Zhang Xun announces to the citizens of Peking that they were forced to accept treaty by the Japanese, who Xun claims illegally occupied Tsingtao and used its status as a power to claim a piece of China.

  • Zhang Zuolin sends scouts into Zhili territory and prepares 5,000 men for a possible invasion of Peking. He requests Guo Songling to lead a scouting party of 10 horsemen to find a good invasion path into Peking.
  • Yang Zengxin send troops to the Eastern border of Zhili Clique.
  • KMT: Domestically Generalissmo Cheng Kai Shek centralizes his power by befriending the great Sun Yat Sen and by taking command of the National Revolutionary Army. Now that he has taken command of the NRA, Cheng Kai Shek reorganizes the NRA and disciplines it, making it an effective and mobilized fighting force. Chen Kai Shek continues the advance into the southern Zhilli Clique with the intent of reaching the Chinese Communist Party in order to destroy them as they have no army. Though the Zhilli are the largest clique they are overextended and decentralized while the KMT is a concentrated and relatively centralized state. Domestically Cheng Kai Shek supports a policy of rapid industrialization and he uses his influence to push this policy. Cheng Kai Shek also starts to disunify the divided Sichuan clique even further, offering funding and supplies to both sides. We attempt to make the Guangxi Clique under our influence, considering we surround them in the north.
  • Zhang Xun, after installing the Emperor in the city, lead 2000 men to go fortify an effective Defense Line on the border with the Fangtian Clique, fearing a possible attack from them . He order Kang Youwei to stay in Peking to protect the Emperor with his own troops. Finally, a secret letter is sent to Lu Yongxiang of the Anhui Clique in hope of convincing him to join the Manchu Restoration.

 December 1919

The National Revolutionary Army, now renamed the Army of the Republic of China, continues its advance into Zhili Territory. A regiment for the AoRoC is trapped by Zhili troops just 10km south of the Yangtze River in OTL Jiangxi. 

Anhui troops are forced to retreat from the French Shanghai Concession, losing 2/3 of their men to the French, who suffered a loss of 892 soldiers. 

Zhang Zuolin officially declared war on the Zhili Clique on 30 October 1919. The Fengtian Clique makes minor gains into Zhili territory, but are stalled in southern Manchuria. 

Baron Kamio Mitsuomi of Japanese Tsingtao receives 3 regiments from the Kwangtung Army into the concession and fortifies the border due to the rising threat of clique wars.

  • Zhang Zuolin orders 2 regiments to assault Zhili troops in northern Shandong. Another regiment is to advance south towards Henan and Anhui to turn the Anhui troops against the Zhili. An emissary is sent down to the KMT capital of Guangzhou to ask Chiang Kai-shek for an alliance against the Zhili Clique. 
    • KMT: We accept the Fentigian alliance against the Zhilli Clique, may they fall to our forces soon.
  • Zhang Xun continue to fortify hiss borders with the Zhili Clique. He also decide to send another regiment in territories of the Zhili Clique in Inner Mongolia, raiding some of their supplies and bases, although not engaging in a full out war with them. Finally, he send a emissary to Zhang Zuolin to propose him a unified assault on Inner Mongolia (Player answer needed).

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