Mandates are territories which are currently considered unable to function as countries by themselves. Some are former colonies, some are previously occupied country while other are "failed nations" whose infrastructure was destroyed during a civil war. Mandates are placed under the tutelage of a mandatory until such time as it is deemed capable of assuming sovereignty.

The league set up a Mandate Commission specific to the territory which works as an ombudsman to protect the mandate being exploited like a colony by the mandatory. It is incidentally the commission and not the mandatory which determine the time at which the territory may hold its first elections.

Mandates are divided into 3 categories:

  • Category A Has some form of administrative infrastructure and democratic institution but require another country to stabilise it and/or to protect the institutions against a threat with greater power (such as a neighbour or internal enemy).
  • Category B Has a working administrative infrastructure but little history of democratic institution. The Mandatory must advise on human rights.
  • Category C Lack of administrative infrastructure due to sparseness of population or level of development. The Mandatory must built everything from the ground up.

In addition to being mandates, some of these polities are also condominiums.

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