In the Chinese World timeline, the Latin alphabet is only used in western Europe, and is far from being an international script. While most of the world uses Hanzi (the Chinese ideographic script), given how different the various Chinese and non-Chinese languages pronounce each symbol, Cyrilic has become the most used script for international affairs, much as Latin is OTL.

This transliteation for Mandarin is actually a Roman transliteration using Russian transliteration to Cyrilic. Here it is compared to OTL Pinyin (P'én én).

C.W. Romanization OTL Pinyin
nas plo plo h fri afr afr h lat a apr nas plo plo h fri afr afr h lat a apr
Biliabial mpph m bp
Labiodental f f
Alveolar ntths ts tshl n dt s z c l
Retroflex x tx txh xh shzh ch r
Alveolopalatal sjtsjtxj x j q
Velar gkkhh nggk h
C.W. Romanization OTL Pinyin
ɑ ɥɑ ə ɥə ɑ ɥɑ ə ɥə
0 a ia va e é o üe a ya wa e ye wo yue
-jay vay ey oy ai wai ei wei
-wauiau euéu aoyao ouyou
-nanianvanüan enén on ün anyanwanyuanenyinwenyun
agiagvag egég og ün angyangwang engyingwengyong
−ə z i u ü i yi wu yu

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