Republic of Manchuria
Республика Маньчжурии

Republic of the Soviet Union
Timeline: Alternative 2014

OTL equivalent: Northeast China (excluding Dalian)
Flag of Manchukuo Emblem of the Emperor of Manchukuo
Flag Coat of Arms
Manchuria (Alternative 2014)
Location of Manchuria
Capital Changchun
Largest city Harbin
Language Chinese, Russian
Demonym Manchurian
Established 9 August 1945 (Manchukuo Autonomy)
Admission 3 May 1949 (Manchurian SSR)
1 February 1991
Abbreviations MA

Manchuria (Chinese: 满洲里 Mǎnzhōulǐ) (Russian: Маньчжурии, Man'chzhurii), officially known as the Republic of Manchuria, is a republic of the Soviet Union. Born out of the ashes of the Japanese puppet state Manchukuo, Manchuria was admitted to the USSR on May 3, 1949.

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