Republic of Manchuria
Timeline: A Reich Disunited

OTL equivalent: Manchuria and parts of Eastern Mongolia
Flag of the Republic of China (1912-1928) Emblem of the Emperor of Manchukuo
Flag Seal
RD Manchuria Location
Location of Manchuria

五场比赛为一体 (Chinese)
("Five Races Together as One")

Capital Beijing
Largest city Beijing
Language Chinese
Manchuria (满洲) is a nation in northeastern Asia. Founded in 1955 after being liberated from the Japanese Empire following the Pacific War, Manchuria is bordered by Mongolia to the west, China to the south, the Soviet Union to the north and Japanese Korea to the south.

Following its formation, Manchuria experienced an influx of Manchu immigrants, who were a minority in China. This soon made the Manchus the majority by a slim margin, and prompted the introduction of its title as "The Manchu State", one which it has held since 1980.

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