Manchu Empire
滿清帝國 (Manchu)
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912) Arms of the Qing Dynasty (fictitious)
Flag Coat of Arms
Screenshot 100

"Shí jīn bēisài" (Manchu)
(""Cup of Solid Gold"")

Capital Beijing
Largest city Changchun
Other cities Harbin, Yingkou, Shenyang, Shangjing
  others Korean, Mongolian, Japanese
  others Christianity, Shintoism, Taoism, Islam
Ethnic Group Manchu, Han, Korean
Demonym Manchurian
Government Absolute Monarchy
Emperor Horiyōshi Yokohama III
  Royal house: Horiyōshi Dynasty
Population 5,200,000 (1660) 
Established 1115 (Jin Empire)
1368 (Jianzhou Jurchens)
1538 (Ming Empire)
1591 (Hiaxi Jurchens)
1611 (Manchu Empire)
1663 (Horiyōshi Dynastic Empire)
Currency Tael (Tls.)

The Manchu Empire, also known as Manchuria is a nation located at otl North-East China comprising of Greater Manchuria. The Empire is led by the Emperor who can exercise his power freely, which previously had been restricted by the Eunuchs until the abolition of the Eunuch system in 1657. A Manchu/Jurchen state first existed in 1115 with the establishment of the Jin Empire until it was conquered by the Mongols in 1234. Eventually, another Jurchen state was created in the aftermath of the fall of the Yuan Empire in 1368. This state, would soon be known as the Jianzhou Jurchens, and this state had well control over Northern China. It was finally in 1538 that the Jurchens were invaded and incorporated into the Ming Empire. Finally, In the aftermath of the peasant rebellion by the Li brothers that lasted from 1587 - 1591, the Ming Empire collapsed which resulted in numerous states succeeding the Empire, including the Haixi Jurchens which eventually used as a base to establish the Manchu Empire in 1611. This had a beneficial effect upon the Jurchens who were finally able to establish their very own stable state without a looming threat of a foreign invasion, since the Jin Dynasty in 1115.

By 1657, rapid development in Manchu and cordial relations with Korea and Japan brought the state to an advantage over numerous other Chinese states, who were suffering from destabilization and poverty. On 1663, the Manchu Empire established a Dynastic Union with the Empire of Japan.



  • Kingdom of Korea
  • Empire of Japan


  • Everyone Else


  • Imperium of Heaven

At War

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