Mamonas Assassinas
The original formation of Mamonas Assassinas.
Background information
Also known as Mamonas
Origin Guarulhos, DB, San Paulo
Genres Comedy rock

Progressive rock

Psychedelic rock
Years active 1995-1996
Labels EMI
Associated acts Utopia

Bento Hinoto
Júlio Rasec
Samuel Reoli

Sérgio Reoli
Mamonas Assassinas was a Paulist rock band. Originally, Mamonas was a comedy rock band, highlighting their debut album, to resounding success in Brazil and San Paulo. The Mamonas were also recognized abroad after entering the progressive rock, continuing with his original comedy rock.

Differences to OTL

Unfortunately in our timeline, the Mamonas Assassinas died in a tragic plane crash in the Serra da Cantareira, in 2 March 1996. Even the band having only just under a year and have released only one album, the Mamonas Assassinas are popular today.

In this timeline, the Mamonas Assassinas, being on the same plane had to make a forced landing at Guarulhos Airport. The scare came over a lot of fans and the band members. Then, Mamonas Assassinas did not sing for almost a period of two years, returning its activities in 1998.


  • Alecsander Alves (Dinho) - vocals
  • Alberto Hinoto (Bento Hinoto) - guitar
  • Samuel Reis de Oliveira (Samuel Reoli) - bass guitar
  • Júlio César Barbosa (Júlio Rasec) - keyboards, backing vocals
  • Sérgio Reis de Oliveira (Sérgio Reoli) - drums


Studio albums

Year Album
1992 A Fórmula do Fenômeno (demo)
1995 Mamonas Assassinas
1999 O Débil Metal
2002 Utopia (first international album)
2005 10 Anos de Mamonas
2007 The Formula
2008 Almighty Italian
2009 Chopis Centis
2011 Jumping on Mars
2012 Desnudos en Cancún
2016 Rewind (last album)

Compilation albums

Year Album
1998 Atenção, Creuzebek: A Baixaria Continua!

Pra Quem Não Quer

2011 All-Star Hits

Live albums

Year Album
1998 Mamonas: Ao Vivo
2001 Mamonas no Rock In Rio
2003 A Turnê dos Pelados
2008 Viva do Vegas
2010 New York Sinistra
2012 The Last Show of the World
2014 Boa Noite


Year Single Album
1995 "Pelados em Santos" Mamonas Assassinas
1995 "Robocop Gay" Mamonas Assassinas
1995 "Vira-Vira" Mamonas Assassinas
1995 "1406" Mamonas Assassinas
1998 Joelho (Knee) Atenção, Creuzebek: A Baixaria Continua!
2002 Avoado Utopia
2008 Applaud The Formula
2009 TV Shopping Chopis Centis
2011 Acredite, estou no espaço! (Believe in me, i'm in space!) Jumping on Mars

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