Logo This alternate history related article is a stub. You can help by expanding it.On February 21, 1965 civil rights leader Malcolm X is gunned down at the Audron ballroom, the three suspects were believed to be members of the "Nation of Islam" only one is

435px-Malcolm X NYWTS 2a

Malcom X in 1964

caught, another two are arrested and taken to custody. In real history after his assassination his groups fell apart and were abolished. But what if they were not and what if they sought revenge against the Nation of Islam for what was done to their leader, we take a look in this Athist.

Change is going to come

Malcolm's murder came to a shock to all his admirers across the world, but now it stained a taste for vengeance. "Muslim mosque inc" and "the organisation of afro-american unity" banded along with so many Malcolm supporters, and armed themselves and prepared to got to war. They knew who was responsible for Malcolm's murder and they wanted to make sure that "by any means" they would honor Malcolm and seek revenge.

Police aid

The Police traditional enemies of the NOI discovered the plans and agreed that they would assist avengers in getting rid of the NOI and Elijah Muhammad. The NOI were highly organised with their own para-military army known as "Fruits of Islam". Malcolm's soldiers began training, very hard learning how to fight hand-to-hand.

War begins

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