The Malayan Independence Conference is an ongoing event focusing on the question of the independence of the British Colony in British Malaysia, Malaya. The host is the United Kingdom and the parties negotiating are the United Kingdom, Malaya, and the Philippines. The United States and Australia will act as mediators & observers in the negotiations.

Parties Present

  • The United Kingdom
  • Malaya
  • The Philippines
  • The United States of America
  • Australia
  • Norway


British Diplomacy: Now that the communist party is out of Malaya we are willing to grant it, and only it, full independence on certain terms. They must have a democracy or a democratic-esque government that runs the nation. They will allow us to continue to have a military presence there for the next three years to ensure that all riots end and that the Malayans are able to build up their own military. Then, at the end of this time, we will gradually withdraw our troops and leave Malaya alone. Sabah will be annexed and given to the Philippines. Finally we will establish a trade agreement between our two nations and possibly an alliance to ensure that peace returns between us.

Philippines: We mostly agree with the negotiations, as long as Sabah is annexed by us. We propose that they ban communist parties (to avoid the re-emergence of insurgency) in the newly-formed democratic state. We oppose the withdrawal of British troops.

The Partition of Malaya & Sibah (Dawn of War Map Game)

British Diplomacy: We agree on the ban of communist parties but we must remove our troops from the area. They are needed elsewhere in the world. We will stay until the new government is formed and stablised as to prevent a possible attack on the Philippines or other Southeast Asia nations.

To the right is a map of what the area will look like after these terms are agreed upon. Philippines are in red, Malaya is in blue, and the remaining British colonies are in green.

  • The green portion is actually Sarawak. The blue portion is Malaya.
  • Oh sorry, I mixed it up ^.^

Norwegian Diplomacy: We agree on everything, but we will send Malaya aid such as oil and other resources so that they can have a more stable economy. We will also send a small amount of soldiers just to defend Malaya, but we will eventually withdraw.

British Diplomacy: Well all that is left now is for Malaya to actually respond and agree. Can everyone please remind them of this conference?

Republic of Malaya: We agree to give Sabah to the Philippines but vehemently oppose the Filipino support of keeping British troops in Malaya for more than 3 years. We claim Sarawak as part of Malaya and also will not allow Singapore to leave the Federation.  

British Diplomacy: Our military presence will only be to ensure that there are no more communist uprisings in the infancy of your nation. Also you are the Republic of Malaya, not the Republic of Malaysia. You will have Malaya and Singapore but Sarawak will remain in the hands of the British.    

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