The flag of Makedos

The flag of Makedos

The flag of Makedos resembles the flag of Graece, which is logical, because Makedos was originally a part of the rebel state Kartagh which wanted to be part of Carthago, however, Makedos wanted to be part of Graece. Luckily, Kartagh, Carthago, and Graece all accepted this and no tensions were raised on the issue. Makedos still uses the circle typical for the Ptolemaic rebel nations, representing the sun, a new dawn, a new future, a new start, things like that. The differences between the flag of Graece are, that the diagonal stripes are removed, and the horizontal and vertical stripes are Makedos' green and touch the sun. This flag is unique, because it is the only one of the Ptolemaic rebel nations that doesn't refer its master (and yes, Kartagh, while not having a border in the color of Carthago, does in fact refer to its master, Carthago, for the circle contains Carthaginian orange). For instance, the flag of Icktus has a border around it in the color of the Kingdom of Raisch (like all the former Ptolemaic rebel nations).

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