Previous - Killer attempts to assassinate Himmler

John, out of options, and cornered by Himmler, decides only one course of action remains; retreat, and regroup with the anti-Nazis, lest he be captured and interrogated. Thusly, he flings his knife at Himmler, striking him in the right shoulder, and stunning him just long enough to leap out the window, and slide down the rain gutter, landing none too softly, but alive. He then realises that the anti-Nazis would look at him with disgust when they become aware of his failure, and so goes back to his homeland of Ireland, to drink himself to death.

With Himmler very much alive, and no mercenary to make a second attempt, the Nazi party soon becomes too powerful to resist, and Himmler is appointed chancellor of Germany. Himmler is a much smarter, much better leader than Hitler had ever hoped to be, and did not attack the Soviet Union. With the Armistice holding strong, more resources and soldiers were dedicated to the Western front. Needless to say the Allies faced a much greater challenge in this timeline. Himmler had devised a very Persian way to cross the English Channel; a massive pontoon bridge, thereby allowing a massive infulx of Nazi soldiers to transcend the barrier that had protected England for millennia. That was not the only invention of Himmler's that forever changed the face of war; A light-focusing laser-like death ray; the nuclear bomb, the latter with help from Einstein, even plans for a microwave death ray, though it was not even tested, let alone used, during the war.

While preparing for transit to the United States in the UK, Albert Einstein was found personally by Himmler; he was captured and brought to a Nazi mind-conversion camp, where his thoughts were distorted, and helped construct nuclear weapons for the Germans. With such advancements in warfare, Greater Germany took over all of Europe, excluding that held by the USSR; the Middle East, and a large portion of Northern Africa. It is now 1940, and the Japanese, are having some difficulty with the Americans in the Pacific, and ask for German intervention;

What does Himmler do?

Jazon Naparleon 21:31, July 19, 2010 (UTC)

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