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Major League Baseball (MLB) is a professional baseball organization that began in 1903 when the American League and National League merged to form one league.



In 1901, the war between the AL and the NL kickstarted when four teams was dropped in the National Legaue (NL) which sparked out a war between the two federations in trying to keep the unity in baseball around North East America. This war which would last a whole year would finish in 1902 when NL and the AL (American League) decided to merge their leagues into one with what would be called a World Series at the post end of the season. In the first few seasons, the National League dominated the American League as they won seven of the first nine editions of the World Series with only the 1906 edition being a victory to the AL as the Chicago White Sox won the World Series 4-1 over fellow Chicago team the Cubs. During the run, the New York Giants became the first team to win back to back tournaments when they took out the 1904 and 1905 World Series before Chicago won the next three editions of the Series.

In 1911, the Philadelphia Athletics would win their first World Series as their main man in Cy Young who would become a famous pitcher for his heroics in the World Series which saw two shutouts of the Cubs. This as well as the introduction of the foul-ball being strikes rule saw runs plummet to record lows in what would be the called the dead ball era. The following year would see the Boston Red Sox win the World Series for the first time. This World Series would be significant as Game 2 of the series would see it go to a second day after it was called for bad light after 12 innings with the scores all tied up at 6-6. After another two innings, Larry Gardner hit the winning run to give Boston the game and what would be a critical win.

During the World Wars

With America being neutral during the first World War, baseball started to rise in popularly with the Boston Braves winning their first World Series over the defending champions. In 1915, the Federal League was held for that single season with St Louis taking out the pennant but they weren't allowed in the World Series because of the American and National League agreement to not have any other major leagues being in the World Series which would be won by Boston as they would defend the title in the following year. The year after that, they would become the first team to win three World Series in a row after they defeated New York in the sixth game of the series as it would later be the last trophy that the team would win following on from the "Black Sox" scandal which would have the team fold in 1920.


Year Winning team Games Losing team
1903 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) 5-4 Boston Americans (AL)
1904 New York Giants (NL) 4-0 Boston Americans (AL)
1905 New York Giants (NL) 4-0 Chicago White Sox (AL)
1906 Chicago White Sox (AL) 4-1 Chicago Cubs (NL)
1907 Chicago Cubs (NL) 4-0 Detroit Tigers (AL)
1908 Chicago Cubs (NL) 4-0 Cleveland Naps (AL)
1909 Pittsburgh Pirates (NL) 4-3 Detroit Tigers (AL)
1910 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) 4-1 Chicago Cubs (NL)
1911 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) 4-2 New York Giants (NL)
1912 Boston Red Soxs (AL) 4-2 New York Giants (NL)
1913 Philadelphia Athletics (AL) 4-0 New York Giants (NL)
1914 Boston Braves (NL) 4-1 Philadelphia Athletics (AL)
1915 Boston Red Sox (AL) 4-0 New York Giants (NL)
1916 Boston Red Sox (AL) 4-1 Brooklyn Robins (NL)
1917 Boston Red Sox (AL) 4-1 New York Giants (NL)

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