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  • 1936, Spring - FSP coup d'etat in France. The Rhineland is re-militarized by Third Reich.
  • 1936, Summer - Nazpi coup d'etat in Poland
  • 1936, Autumn-1937, Winter - Second Italo-Abyssinian War


  • 1941, Summer - Benito Mussolini is arrested. Coup d'etat in Italian Empire, where democrats enter the government under De Facto.
  • 1941-1943:Romanian-Yugosalvian War. Result:Romanian victory.
  • 1946 Winter-Autumn - Second Italian Civil War


  • 1951, Autumn - Now : Chinese War of Aggression against Japan.
  • 1951, Autumn : After being released from prison, Benito Mussolini seizes the throne of Italy with his blackshirters again, and recreates the Italian Empire. Italy joins Japan in War of Chinese Aggression.
  • 1953, January : Bulgaria & Greece joins Axis Powers.
  • 1953, May : Nationalist Spain joins Axis Powers.
  • 1954, Winter - 1955, Summer : Second World War (Axis VS USSR)

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