This article is a supplement to my timeline "There but for the grace of gods: so that others may prosper", it explores main events as they unfold when a series of random events led to the destruction of Rome in the time period of about 518 B.C.E.

The 6th Century B.C.E. (The 500s)

  • 543 B.C.E - The Treaty of Fufluna is signed by the Fufluna King and the Illvate Chief.
  • 537 B.C.E. - The Battle of Alalia is fought, the Etruscans come out on top thanks to the Illvate fleet.
  • 536 B.C.E. - Vetluna enters into the Treaty of Fufluna, six treaties have been signed by other Etruscan cities and Ligures tribes taking inspiration from the abilities of Ligurian armies in combat.
  • 522 B.C.E. - Veii makes a treaty with the Briniate tribes and gives them a piece of land on the banks of the Tiber River at the mouth. They act almost like Privateers for the city of Veii.
  • 519 B.C.E - Latin farmers that have been raided by the Briniates revolt and march on the settlement. Rome however, having good relations with Veii, decides to see what happens. The revolt is crushed.
  • 518 B.C.E. - Surviving Latin revolutionaries incite revolts in Rome and overthrow the Roman hegemony, they then march on Veii and are dealt a landslide defeat. The Etrusco-Ligure armies march on Rome and battle on the fields outside Rome. Rome is finally destroyed.

The 5th Century B.C.E. (The 400s)

  • 493 B.C.E. - Carthaginian raiding vessel is sunk en route to Carthage by Ligurian raiders.
  • 492 B.C.E. - Carthage invades Iberian colonies, Sardinia, and battles over Corsica.
  • 487 B.C.E. - Cities based around the Po Valley separate forming the "Northern League".
  • 486 B.C.E. - Fufluna and Vetluna separate from the Etruscan League.
  • 485 B.C.E. - Veii is destroyed by a Samnite and Latin army.
  • 484 B.C.E. - Caisra is destroyed by a Samnite chiefdom. Picenes begin amounting a resistance in collaboration with the Samnites.
  • 480 B.C.E. - Picenes launch an invasion on Etruria. They destroy the majority of outposts and halt all Etruscan activities in Umbria, they manage to lay siege to Perusia until the entire city dies of thirst. They couldn't take Arretium because it is occupied by thousands of troops.

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