Majapahit Empire

The Majapahit Empire

The Majapahit Empire was an empire in Indonesia, South East Asia. Its influence sphere reached from the northern border of the present-day Malaysia to the northern part of Papua. The core realm is the eastern part of Java only, though.

Majapahit Empire
Karaton Mojopahit
Timeline: Principia Moderni III Map Game

OTL equivalent: Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, East Timor and Philippines
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Majapahit
Largest city Majapahit
Other cities Kahuripan, Daha, Lasem
Language Old Javanese (main language), Sanskrit (religious)
Hinduism, Buddhism
  others Kejawen, Animism
Ethnic Groups
  others Balinese, Bornese, Malaynese
Legislature Monarchy


The city of Majapahit was founded after the second king of the Kingdom of Kediri, a vassal state of the Singhasari Kingdom, rebelled against the Singhasari Kingdom in 1292. In an attempt to put down the rebellion Kertangara, the 5th king of the Singhasari Kingdom, was killed. The son-in-law of Kertangara, Raden Wiiaya, fleeded to Sumenap, Madura. There he built a new village called Majapahit. When the Mugals came with 25.000 soldiers to demand tribute, the king of Kediri refused and Raden Wiiaya allied with the Mugals to overthrow the Kingdom of Kediri. They succeeded and then Raden Wiiaya attacked the Mugal force with surprise. The Mugals, already weakened by tropical diseases, the climate and without supplies, were forced to flee Java. On November 10, 1293 Raden Wiiaya was coronated and the Majapahit Empire was born. In the following centuries they subjugate most of present-day Indonesia and other countries.


Rice is the biggest agricultural product, but also lentel, sesame and a little grain. They also produce valuable and tradeable products like sapan wood (for red dye), diamond, incense, pepper, steel, turtles and strange and rare birds. Many kinds of fruits were also produced. The first king introduced copper coins from China to pay taxes with. Before this, there were coins but they weren't as generalised as the copper coins.


In the citys and rural areas, Buddism and Hinduism are the main religion. But in the jungle Animism is the main religion. On Java a special religion, not found in any other place Kejawen is the main religion.


Majapahit is an independent monachy. The rulers are  from the Rajasa dynasty. The current ruler is Wikramawardhana.

Rajasa Dynasty

A Genealogy diagram of Rajasa dynasty, the royal family of Singhasari and Majapahit. Rulers are highlighted with period of reign.

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